Thursday, July 25, 2024

Viral video and angry fans


Alianza Lima defender Carlos Zambrano ended up in the middle of the storm after a video of him dancing without restrictions went viral.

Daring ballet, dollars and online nudity, Carlos ZambranoThe defender of Alianza Lima, a Peruvian football club, found the perfect way to end up in the storm. During his girlfriend’s birthday, he did a striptease in a nightclub with guests who immortalized him on their mobile phones and made the video go viral. In an instant, Zambrano ended up in a mess, as his fans attacked him.

Fans attacked Zambrano

Alianza Lima’s supporters did not like it at all How Zambrano spent the evening after the 0-0 draw Against ADT. The draw did not allow Alianza to reach the top of the tournament, but rather fell to third place. A sudden stop at a crucial moment in the tournament, but that did not stop Zambrano from celebrating, dancing and having fun at the party.

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