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Italy is the world’s largest producer of pasta, producing 3.6 million tons annually. The sector is worth 7 billion euros


Rome – on the occasion of World Pasta DayWorld Pasta Day is scheduled for Wednesday, October 25. Italian Food Federation and Ipo – International Pasta Organization It issued a series of statements related to the pasta sector.

In 2022, global pasta production approached 17 million tons (+1.8% in 2021). Italy is the world’s leading producer of pasta with 3.6 million tons (+3.2% in 2021) and a turnover of approximately 7 billion euros (+24.3% in 2021). Moreover, the Korean Peninsula once again asserts itself as the country with the highest amount of noodles eaten, with a per capita consumption of noodles reaching 23 kg per year. Followed by Tunisia (17 kg per capita) and Venezuela (12 kg).

As for exports, the share of exports has tripled what it was 25 years ago and is reaching 2.3 million tons Shipped across borders. Overall, 62.7% of Italian production goes abroad. Key destinations include Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the United States and Japan, which overall purchase approximately 58% of Italian pasta exports. Emerging markets include Saudi Arabia (+51%), Poland (+25%) and Canada (+20%).

Regarding the trends that will characterize this sector in the future, the analysis highlights that for 59% of Italians, pasta will increasingly be made using… New types of flour or alternative ingredientswill be distributed in More environmental or biodegradable packaging (52.6%) and with New formulas (35.4%).

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