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VAT numbers, which is why the lost fund risks becoming the 'thirteenth'

VAT numbers, which is why the lost fund risks becoming the ‘thirteenth’

The battle over the non-reimbursable parity fund has reopened with the risk of prolonging aid delivery times near Christmas. The accountants’ request (also relaunched by international tax advisors) addressed to the Minister of Economy, Daniel Franco, and to the chairmen of the finance committees in the Chamber and Senate, Luigi Maratin and Luciano Dalfonso, re-suggests the need at the heart of the debate of professionals to have more days at their disposal ( With a postponement until October 31) to move the income model currently set on September 10 for VAT figures that want to arrive at the anti-Covid contribution based on lower earnings and balance sheet data.

political pressures

A request was submitted immediately after approval of the “Sostini bis” decree, but it remained inadmissible despite the attempts of some parliamentary forces during the process of transferring power. Among them, the Lega Law who returned with the head of production activities Massimo Betonchi to send a clear message to the executive branch and other parties: “Listen to the call of the chartered accountants, who ask the Minister of Economy to extend the income declaration from September 10 to October 31. The transfer is awaiting, required For applications to the VAT Equalization Fund, introduced by Sostegni bis decree, executive decree. The term is totally inappropriate, we still have time to avoid chaos and difficulties for professionals and companies ».


Vicious circle danger

However, this issue runs the risk of turning into a vicious circle. Tax return data is used to determine the attribution percentages of the equivalent contribution to be filed in the Mef Executive Decree required by the initial regulation. Therefore, a possible extension of the deadline for the 2021 Income Form transfer could defer the entire process associated with the non-repayable “final” fund. Also because two aspects must be remembered that are not entirely secondary. On the other hand, the decree of the Ministry of Economy (with related procedures) must first be subject to authorization by the EU Commission. On the other hand, the technological platform through which the application is submitted to the financial department should be developed in any case. At this point, the revenue agency and technology partner Sogei anyway is already working out the mechanism and implementing everything possible, except for the calculation standard that can be included once the ministerial decision establishes the attribution percentages.

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Thirteenth Effect

All this is enough to show how a possible extension of ad sending times could turn a non-reimbursable equalization fund from a “final” contribution to mitigate the effects of the lockdown and restrictions on the fight against the pandemic into a kind of thirteenth for VAT numbers, which are actually approaching Christmas or Until the beginning of 2022. An aspect that was also pointed out by the Deputy Minister of Economy, Laura Castelli, during the Sole 24 Ore event last June 10 on tax reform, stressing that “the deadline will be longer and after that companies will receive these resources.” But at the same time, Castelli did not close the hypothesis of the extension (shorter than the expectations and requests of accountants) until September 30, after weighing the costs and benefits meaning when the disbursement of contributions will be postponed.

The hypothesis is submitted to September 10

In an attempt to find a solution, Massimo Betonci himself, who was the rapporteur of the Sostegni bis in the Chamber’s Budget Committee, tried to make a hypothesis (an alternative to an extension until 30 September) by leaving the usual deadline for declarations. Until November 30 but until September 10 it is expected to send only the photo with the data required by the tax authorities for the lost tie fund. Then, as expected, Parliament and the government could not find a square.