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Italians will spend more than two billion euros on the festive lunch

Italians will spend more than two billion euros on the festive lunch

I Expensive expense This year it gets expensive Easter Holiday. For festive meals and out-of-town holidays, in 2024, Italians will have to spend $1 billion more than the previous year. The prices of traditional foods and airline tickets have increased the most.

At Easter, extravagant shopping costs $2.2 billion

A bad surprise awaits Italians inside the Easter egg, despite the inflation rate of 0.8%. This year, Astuente estimates, the higher cost will result in a total spending of $100 million 2.2 billion euros During the holiday period.

Food prices rise on average by 4% and peak 46.2% for olive oil14.9% for potatoes and 11.1% for fresh fruits.

Prices of traditional chocolate eggs are rising

It was also affected by the rise in prices Typical holiday foods Such as sheep, goat and processed meat, the cost of which increases by 3.8%.

Codacons indicate lower prices even relative to traditional prices Chocolate eggWhile dove prices remained stable.

sell a 430 million euros Total expenses for families who choose to spend Easter In the restaurant.

Also suitable for trips and trips out of town

Strong increases are also for those traveling to join their families or to enjoy a few days of holiday, in Italy or abroad.

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Astuente estimates, in March 2024, one will occur 5.9% growth in train prices.

Alimony for Airline ticket prices increased by 13.1% In the case of national destinations, 5.7% towards European destinations.

It is also increasing significantly Hotel and motel costs (+6.9%) and other accommodation facilities such as holiday homes and bed and breakfasts (+9.1%).

Those who choose one will fare no better Overall package: Record costs Increases up to 8.7% Compared to last year.

Also bad news for cultural activities at Easter 2024, To visit museums and monuments you will spend 3.9% more.

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