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Elon Musk was really in Florence: 'Visit it', the megalopolis of the city - Chronicle

Elon Musk was really in Florence: ‘Visit it’, the megalopolis of the city – Chronicle

Florence, August 10, 2021 – in the end, yes, Elon Musk It was really Florence. This gossip that was transmitted from smartphone to smartphone proved to be well founded: Billionair More distracting than the moment on the level The media, depicts the person almost like abstract entity It is often surrounded by an aura of mystery some dreamers It was really in the Florentine capital.

Dirk Nowitzki, Firenze La Super Stella NBA player

Jodie Foster Castellina in Chianti

He joined his family on vacation in Tuscany and visited Palazzo Vecchio, where he met Mayor Dario Nardella. visit it musk, a South African, naturalized in the United States, headquartered in California, He was fascinated by the frescoes of Salone dei Cinquecento, and is very drawn to the figure Leonardo Da Vinci, a genius would almost like to repeat his innovation.

He also visited the Uffizi: “Exhibition on Mars”.

Elon Musk

Paraphrasing a phrase so popular at the moment and born after Italy won the European Football Championship, Musk still has to eat more pasta before getting to Leonardo. But surely his business is leaving fixed fingerprint on innovation. father TeslaThe electric car, which sold at the beginning of 2020, reached one million units, appeared at Palazzo Vecchio in a T-shirt and a motorcycle scarf around the neck.

The visit was preceded by international gossip. Yes because by the way From the personal argument And of the amazing followers he has around the world is a Twitter account that, through regular air tracking systems like Flight Radar, describes all the movements of his personal plane. A big surprise in recent days was to see the plane, which took off from Los Angeles, landed at Peretola Airport half a day later.

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The most contrasting rumors were immediately unleashed, even the one where Musk was Tuscany to conclude commercial agreements. Maybe he just landed as a tourist, but we can’t really tell. Definitely a visit to Palazzo Vecchio and meeting with Mayor Nardella.

“We’re here with Elon Musk,” the mayor said in a 6-second video later posted on social networks. “Visit Florence,” Elon Musk said in somewhat dashing Italian along with the mayor. It’s impossible to force Musk to simply define “a factory Tesla car.”

From Starlink satellites to provide internet to everyone at a low cost to the underground tunnels To simplify traffic in major cities, his entrepreneurial activity is extending and looking far beyond the future. Neuralink, the company that attempts to connect the brain of all normal humans to everyday things, is headed in that direction. Then there’s Space X, a project to bring tourism into space. This space is contested by the other big industrial pole of the moment, represented by Amazon father Jeff Bezos. Entrepreneurial adventures, some successful, others less.

His stance on Covid is controversial, and in the past he considered it “influential”. But surely the arrival of a Florence By Musk is an exciting spot for the city. In a year he met many supervisors in different fields (from former NBA champion Dirk Nowitzki to Jodie Foster, who had lunch at Castellina in Chianti). Who knows, Musk’s attraction to the Tuscan capital does not translate into investments. It is difficult to understand the next mission of the cowboy in global entrepreneurship.