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Valentina Ferragni is all wrong |  “He makes you clumsy and does not value you”: ruthless social networks

Valentina Ferragni is all wrong | “He makes you clumsy and does not value you”: ruthless social networks

Valentina Ferragni: Everyone is criticizing her on Social –

More social media criticism of Valentina Ferragni: Let’s find out what the haters are up to this time.

They just didn’t want to leave the youngest of the Feragnes alone. Valentina is still attacked by loyal haters Because of her summer clothes.

Under his posts, in fact, it is never lacking Criticisms for choosing clothes Which, according to the followers, does not suit him Rectangular body structure.

This may also be true, but Valentina Ferragni does very well in dressing as she wants and often responds to requests. Receive harsh and bad criticismShe tries to make people understand, always kindly and kindly, how much this kind of unsolicited comment can make a person suffer.

But what will be the offending clothing item this time around? Simple swimsuit: Let’s find out all the details.

Valentina Ferragni and the “wrong” outfit

Valentina Ferragni recently posted pictures in a swimsuit while having a little fun Relax at Sisley Spa St Barth. It was the swimsuit that attracted the haters, a very simple piece of clothing Chanel White Trikini It is united by the brand’s famous double C at the center of the belly.

“I would avoid this Valentina outfit He can’t make you goofy“is just one of the many unpleasant and above all very direct comments that Valentina Ferragni has to make every time she posts a photo, but there are also those who decide to engage in long searches that always end up in the usual point”You made the wrong choice, it’s bad for you“.

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Valentina Ferragni costume -
Source: Valentina Ferragni –

Affiliate defenses

Fortunately, there are also some users who He takes up Valentina’s defense Feragne (even if she knows perfectly well how to reciprocate and thanks to these curious people) tries to make others understand that even if this outfit or dress does not particularly suit her, in the end she A simple girl who shows herself as she is He is appreciated even for this alone.

Indeed, many may think that Valentina Ferragni’s clothes do not suit her very much, but in fact the important thing is that she is They feel comfortable in what they wear Without letting yourself be subjected to harsh criticism from envious people. The youngest Fragnes, in fact, He has nothing to be ashamed of And indeed, it’s always a good idea to show someone’s body on social networks A healthy, healthy girl can be inspiring For many who have this type of physique.