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Who is the super guest who dreams of Amadeus

Who is the super guest who dreams of Amadeus

Work is underway on the new version of the festival, and the name that the artistic director wants to bring to the Ariston Theater appears


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February is not far away. At least, if you look at it from the perspective of someone who’s working on the most important music and TV event of the year. Of course we are talking about San Remo Festival and its indefatigable artistic director Amadeus, which for a month has already been able to offer various previews of what we will see on the stage of Ariston, but also on the news in the jury and the beautiful innovation of making the contestants in turn co-anchors of other people’s songs. In short, we’re already in the works for February, and we’re sure there will be more to come.

But the assertion that the festival’s organizing apparatus is indeed fully operational comes from the first folly about the super-guest that Amadeus is allegedly trying to persuade to take part in. San Remo 2024. The rumor comes from the usually well-informed Roberto Alessi who su WOM He certainly does not pronounce the words, command:”Zlatan IbrahimovicAmadeus will love it“.

Ibrahimovic in Sanremo 2024: The return that the artistic director seeks

Thus, the former Serbian footballer will be the first target for Amadeus, who would like to be with him on the stage of Ariston again next February. Indeed, for Ibrahimovic it will be a return to Sanremo, where he has already been Guest in 2021, a post-Covid release year, where the stage was empty and singers and artists were performing without an audience in front of them but only off camera. On those somewhat surreal evenings, the former soccer player also arrived who gave himself up to the ritual questions of the conductor and performed a monologue that started from his experience as a professional athlete and reflected the importance of facing challenges, accepting victory and winning. defeat.

In mindless launch manager Novella 2000 He also directed a kind of ‘appeal’ to the person concerned, writing: “The conductor wants to take you back to Sanremo, don’t shoot too much stash, we want to see you“. We’ll find out in the coming months if the former Milan player’s claims are too loud or if Amadeus’ adulation hits the mark.

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