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Gil Roca says goodbye to his beloved Marilyn: “I have a broken heart”

Gil Roca says goodbye to his beloved Marilyn: “I have a broken heart”

Gil Roca posted a touching message to commemorate the loss of his friend Marilyn.

The message appeared on his social channels and impressed everyone, deep words that once again tell us about a special friendship, the one you have with a pet. The actor is very attached to his furry friends, and anyway he’s a huge animal lover, as he’s always said.

Gilles Rocca says goodbye to Marlin / Instagram photogillesroccaofficial (

king Also in this period are Chiara Ferragni and Rita Dalla Chiesa Finding themselves sharing the same problem, their loyal traveling companions are unsuccessful causing a profound upheaval in their lives.

Gil Roca says goodbye to his dog Marlin

In some cases, they saw the children grow up, and in others they were always there, in the happy moments and in the darkest moments. The sad news was shared by Gil Roca It’s very moving “I’m going to miss you” writes, “The void you leave for me is enormous.”

Gil Rocca and his dog’s pain / Instagram photogillesroccaofficial (

Only those who have had a pet know what it can mean And how deep is the frustration of those who find themselves in the same situation. What Jill expresses is a common sentiment because pets end up being true members of the family, someone with whom they have a deep bond.

Examples these days are Gilles Rocca but also Ferragli and Dalla Chiesa They are just some of the famous people who talk and tell their lives besides animals. Antonella Clerici recently shared photos with her dogs and said that for them it’s exactly the holiday, spending time with their furry friends in peace. Giovanni Alevi too In a moment of pain and agony He chose to share a photo with his cat, a symptom of how good it helps.

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Not only the world of VIPs, there are many families Grieving the loss of a dog But who also knows how to praise their presence, how to make them feel special and loved throughout life. This is one of those cases because surely these deep words are really important and can find the participation of those who have found themselves or are in the same situation.

Indeed comments are of great convenience and support From this moment of pain for Ruka who obviously has to deal with the void left in life by his beloved dog.