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Under the Hawaiian Skies movie, story, cast, actors, ending, location

Under the Hawaiian Skies movie, story, cast, actors, ending, location

Rai movie Movie suggests today Under the Hawaiian sky. It is a comedy type movie.

Production is from United States of America. The year of construction is 2015 and its duration is two hours.

Under the sky of Hawaiian film actors

Under the Hawaiian Sky – Direction, Heroes, Where It Was Filmed

The trend is by Cameron Crowe. The main heroes are Brian Gilchrist H Captain Alison Ng Played straight before Bradley Cooper H Emma Stone. Also in the cast Rachel McAdams In turn Tracy Woodside.

Filmed in Americaespecially A Honolulu In the territory Hawaii.

Production is from Colombia Pictures In cooperation with New Regency Productions H Lestar Capital.

The film is known worldwide by the title Aloha.

Under the Hawaiian Skies is where it was filmedUnder the Hawaiian Skies is where it was filmed

Under the Hawaiian Skies – broadcast on Rai Movie

The plot has a protagonist Brian Gilchrista former US Air Force officer who is now part of the US Department of Defense United State.

Gilchrist Going to Honolulu On the islands HawaiiBecause he was responsible for supervising the launch of the satellite. Once he arrives at the site, he learns that the launch is being managed by a private individual: a billionaire Carson Welch.

Moreover, he will have to deal not only with the institutional tasks assigned to him, but also with his old girlfriend whom he met on site and saw again after many years. It's about to Tracy Woodside.

On this occasion he also met Captain Allisona liaison officer assigned to the project by the USAF.

Among other tasks for which the captain was called Gilchrist,There is also the need to ensure the goodwill of the indigenous community. Even in this, the former US Air Force officer succeeded without much effort.

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Final spoiler

However, the situation becomes more complicated when… Gilchrist He discovers that the new satellite launch is hiding a secret. In fact, the launch process is precisely an attempt to introduce weapons and combat systems into space, which is not allowed by the Outer Space Treaty.

Under the Hawaiian Skies the ultimate movieUnder the Hawaiian Skies the ultimate movie

Under the Hawaiian Skies: Full Cast

Below is the film's cast Under the Hawaiian sky And the characters played by the actors

  • Bradley Cooper: Brian Gilchrist
  • Emma Stone: Captain Alison Ng
  • Rachel McAdams: Tracy Woodside
  • John Krasinski: John “Woody” Woodside
  • Danny McBride: Colonel Lacey
  • Bill Murray: Carson Welsh
  • Alec Baldwin:General Dixon
  • Bill Camp: Bob Largent
  • Danielle Rose Russell: beauty
  • Michael Chernus: Roy
  • Eddie Gathegi: ten. Colonel Curtis
  • Ivana Milicevic: Carson biographer