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“Together, Salatino, this is the whole truth.”

“Together, Salatino, this is the whole truth.”

We liked each other a lot from the series, but not anymore. About eight months after the end of the love story that blossomed between the man and the woman, Soraya Siroti She explained in detail the reasons that prompted her closure Luca Salatino. After his adventure as a tronista in UeD, the Romanian chef took part in… Big Brother VIP Where he ended up several times in the Valley of Tears. a reason? She even confessed every other day that she missed her so much fiancee A few months ago he was chosen on Maria De Filippi's dating show. Once he left the reality show it looked like he was going to experience the love of a lifetime. Instead, the story collapsed within a few weeks.

Countless guesses have been made about the breakup. Now, months later, Soraya has decided to tell his version of events in detail. The interview was conducted on Sdl.TvFormer suitor He wanted to clarify that he did not leave Salatino immediately after Big Brother VIP but rather four months after his adventure on the reality show Canale Cinque ended. Four months from Local partnership Which was enough to create irreparable cracks in the relationship:

“In my opinion he didn't give up on GF for me, a good percentage of my lack was but he couldn't handle the situations and dynamics that existed within the House. Luca left on December 26, and I had a construction site going, meaning I was building a house “I was very nervous. We started renovating the house together and we had to take care of important things. On that occasion I already saw that he was having difficulty dealing with important things.”

Soraya added that living under one roof, instead of uniting them, led to insurmountable distances on a personal level:

“Leaving that aside, cohabitation brought out some aspects of his personality that I didn't like. We didn't get along, we fought about everything. We left the program in May and shortly after he entered the House of Representatives. In the summer months everything was fine, we moved out “Together, we were always out, we were in the spotlight, and everything was beautiful. Then once we got into real life, problems arose.”

But what are these? problems? Again according to Soraya's version, he was the former tronista Very jealous, guilty of dangerous situations. In fact, the girl is talking about her ex-boyfriend 'Important boundaries' And exhausting stubbornness:

“If I were a woman with three hundred days a day, I would want a man who would stand behind me or help me solve everyday problems and little things. I have had important limitations, this is my reality. Luca has a very difficult character, when he has an idea you cannot budge him. We talked a lot after every argument we had. We confronted each other but we reached the point of tolerance and gave up. For many, four months would be a little but we lived it 360 degrees because we were together 24 hours a day. We got to know each other from every point of view. Perhaps The fact that we were always together and not having a permanent job at the time also hurt the relationship.

Cerutti added that she did her best not to ruin the relationship. But at some point, the feeling evaporated and the pieces of the dream remained that turned into ballast. Soraya confirmed that he gave everything in this love story, but he could not ignore some people Situations that you consider serious:

“I gave him everything I could give him, and even people close to me noticed bad behavior, like jealousy. And many other things that scared me, and here I will stop. There were some things that didn't sit well with me. While arguing, I saw extreme jealousy that also put others in a difficult situation when we were out to dinner with friends. When someone limits you in a relationship, you don't like a healthy relationship because you struggle to be yourself. I had no help at home, I was alone. There was that and on top of that our moments became drama; “It has become a vicious circle.”

Soraya narrated that after the love story she lived with Salatino, she no longer had other men, repeating that it was him bachelor. Thus, she denied rumors that she was in an intimate relationship with an unspecified businessman.

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