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Gf Vip 6, Sophie Codegoni and Gianmaria Antinolfi are increasingly diverging

Gf Vip 6, Sophie Codegoni and Gianmaria Antinolfi are increasingly diverging

Janmaria Antinolfi He returned to talk about his interest in him Sophie Codejoni. Several days ago, the entrepreneur expressed his feelings for the contestant who, after thinking about it, He had shown his comrades From the inability to see in Jianmaria The one who can stand by him.

Talk to Solly SorgeAnd Antinulfi He seemed to regret the behavior he had taken over the past week. In fact, the boy has left his former partner now Greta Mastroianni Without giving her any explanations personally and that startled her so much worries.

I’m telling you the truth, I don’t recognize you. I don’t understand if you are confused or if you are not the person I think you are.

Jianmaria He seems to agree with his idea:

I know I didn’t act well, I know very well. very sorry. I was disappointed in the first place. I’m human too and I’m wrong, I’m not perfect. For me, who has always elected myself as a champion for consistency and respect, all of this has a stronger weight. I made a mistake, I wasn’t consistent, I’m sorry. I hope I don’t make these mistakes again. I’m sorry to die to hurt someone, he doesn’t deserve it. I can say that if certain dynamics happen, it’s because I didn’t like certain things, but it’s not an excuse.

face with Katia Ricciarelli NS Nicolas BessoAnd Jianmaria Then he confirmed his interest in Sufi:

I love it, but I have my times.

Katia Then he indicated that if they both took time, they would never meet. That’s why he advised Givino to abandon himself:

Go, go for it.

Moreover Sophie took up the topic with Jucas Casella:

There was never us. And he knows it. There is empathy, flirtation, and something physical, not a mental thing. We never got close to the qiblah. They were jokes, stuff, but in front of everyone. Precisely because he is so indecisive and I think he does not know it, but for him I am a refuge to stay inside the house.