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“Unbelievable” grand tour of America including Luca Ciarla and Alaska. Adrifest starts from Termoli in December


“Incredible” is an adjective that comes up a lot in words Luca Ciarla, an internationally successful violinist from Termoli, returned from the US. From September 3 to October 2 he held 17 workshops and (in all, 16) concerts. Of course, the musician from Molise is used to mega-tours in different latitudes of the world, but this experience was very exciting.

It is a A true concert marathon: 17 events In 10 different statesAnd precisely within a month in Michigan, Alaska, California, New Mexico, Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Illinois and Nevada.

A month started Detroit Jazz Festival’s most memorable concertWho saw him perform on a major stage, Dhani is just an artist, an extraordinary show featuring many international jazz stars such as Julian Lage, Ambrose Akinmusire, Vijay Iyer, Abdullah Ibrahim, Phil Frisell, Antonio Sanchez, Cecil McLorin Solvant, Dianne Reeves, John Schofield, Sucho Valdez. An unforgettable concert by the Italian jazz violinist, but closed Two standing ovations, one after the last song in the set and one after the encore. “It’s an honor for me, we’re talking about one of the most important jazz festivals in the world”, his words are still processed with great emotion.

Then a new long journey brought him In Alaska Three concerts and a workshop, Haines Arts Council, Skagway Arts Council and Homer’s Alaska World Arts Festival. An unprecedented experience for the violinist from Termoli for the first time in Alaska, inspired by nature, enriched by boundless landscapes and a close encounter with a family of bears.

On September 14, ‘Ours’ took place The first concert in California, at the Italian Cultural Institute’s spectacular new headquarters in San FranciscoA section of the Italian Innovation and Culture Center is dedicated to Italian creativity in every field.

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It is on this occasion that Luke, apart from the show, exists He previewed Adrifest, a new Molis festival in Termoli and the neighboring town, of which he will be artistic director alongside Kezia Terasiano. He did so with several images of Thermoly on the screen (Here is a video)

luca ciarla uses

AdriFest will really be one An exceptional showcase for the territory. Some expectations: We will start on December 28 in Termoli and continue until January 8 with a full program of musical and intercultural events. Other villages such as Laurino and Guglionesi in Lower Molise will also be touched. For example, at the Fulvio Theater, Singer-songwriter Pepe Voltarelli will performLaurino will have a concert by an extraordinary accordionist, Embracing Vince. But Adrifest will be exhibitions, book launches and more. Luca Ciarla defines it as a “multidisciplinary festival” and a kind of “pressing, compromising” with the territory. “I’m taking over a part of the Due Sponde en Mare festival that I organized in the early 2000s. After that experience I left Molise (Luca Ciarla lives near Rome, Ed) ”. festival (Here is the link to the site) will then be proposed again in June.

Back on the US tour, the ‘Beauty’ concert was one Los Alamos Arts Council In the magnificent hall of the Fuller Lodge Arts Center (photo below).

The Los Alamos tour uses Luca Ciarla

Again, after a stop at Bob’s Stop in Cleveland (Ohio) and Buttonwood Tree in Middletown (Connecticut) artist performed twice on the same day New Grass Festival, dedicated to American country music and beyond, from heritage to the latest international news, and created in partnership with MASSmoCA, one of America’s most important museums. Again an “unbelievable” experience.

Freshgrass Festival uses Luca Ciarla

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Also, the festival hosts a small number of Freshcores every year Prize for new songs for films It was this year Assigned to Luca Ciarla who created the performance Music to your eyesBy Video Art Geziat.

The tour continued with a performance at the Old Town School of Music in Chicago, Luca presents its new festival again, in collaboration with the Italian cultural institution Chicago. The marathon run ended with a series of three concerts for the library district Las VegasA tour of the city’s public libraries, thanks also to the support of the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles.

Conceived and produced by the tour (as well as the subsequent Molise Festival, Ed). Violin music In collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institutes of Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles (stops in Cincinnati and Brattleboro are postponed until 2023).


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