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Umbria Outdoor Crossing Festival 2022, another record in Beituna

Umbria Outdoor Crossing Festival 2022, another record in Beituna

Betona does not miss a beat and in sharp contrast continues to perform, setting another participation record. Indeed, during the just-ended weekend, more than 800 international runners and cyclists gathered in Beituna, in the province of Perugia, in the green heart of Umbria for the fifth edition of the 2022 Umbria Crossing Outdoor Festival, which has become a must-see. Not only for lovers of the Strip but also for all lovers of nature and the ancient villages of the wonderful Italy.

Forty-eight hours of pure outdoor sports, a true living statement of how to exercise, eat, sleep and learn about the culture and history of the same places, in an environment of complete sustainability. Something that transcends sport and becomes a purely regional marketing experience, but I return to sport to always find its foundations, as evidenced by the very high sporting standard reached by the races, with results of 50 and 20 km on Saturday, obtained in the wonderful outdoor gymnasium that You set off meticulously from the Etruscan village of Bettona and then wander through the valleys that open towards Perugia, Spoleto, Assisi, Bevagna, Montefalco, Trevi, Spello and Guida. A multi-sensory experience, for those who live it and those who organize it, Chiara and Luca Prostingi, the worthy inheritors of Father Gabriel, the first in Italy to have a sponsor wearing the original and “imported” distributor soccer jersey, the modern dimension of fitness in the world of Italian gyms.

Trail and trail

From gym to gym, the designed gym in the magical valleys of Umbrian is a dirt road between forests, trees and trails that has seen athletes of the absolute international level and with significant international participation, thanks to athletes from the United States, France, Spain, Colombia, Australia, Sweden and Germany. Coming to the results, the long race, called to designate the regional titles for the ultra track, had an elevation difference of 1,960m with a track designed entirely within the Umbrian Valley. The track eventually rewarded Giacomo Forconi (Trail Running Project) who at 4h22’49” literally made the void behind, ahead of Lorenzo Trastulli (Team Trail Monti Simbruini-Tiger), third step on the podium by 24’16” Matteo Zucchini (Atl.Winner Foligno). Among women confirms after last year’s success of Giovanna Puma (Atl.Winner Foligno), who in 5h28’16” to 19’17” beat Lorena Piastra (TX Fitness), one place higher compared to 2021. Third place for Ludovica Raggi (Molon Labe) at 59’14”. On the short-haul Degli Ulivi 20 km trailing 870m difference Francesco Maluzzi (Pol Ciociaria Antonio Fava) who at 1h32’42” trailed him by 1’42” Mario Maresca ( Tornado) and 1’53” Fabio Salotti (Gs Orecchiella) also in this case confirmed the women’s test last year’s ruling with Patricia Giannini even earlier. Banner Athl.Amelia stopped the chronometer at 1h59’58” ahead of Lucia Di Rienzo (Molon Labe) by 8’26” and Monia Ventura (Molon Labe) by 13’00”.

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Mountain biking

To complement the event’s success, yesterday’s races were dedicated to the Betona Etruscan MTB Championship which saw 300 athletes compete in the race between the three selectable tracks. From a maximum of 70.3 km with an altitude difference of 2850 m, to the hard 50.2 km in 1950 m, passing through the Soft 30.1 km for a distance of 1300 m. Victory in the toughest and most anticipated races, Héctor Leonardo Paez Leon, 40, Colombian, two-time world champion in the MTP Marathon. Success gives prestige and luster to the event.

sustainable synergy

A weekend dedicated to the quality of life, for active people, with full respect for the surrounding nature: in a world struggling with a thousand problems and a crazy climate, the nature and sustainability of the precious sites have promoted sports practice, accessible to all, for a complete experience thanks to the facilities, the infinite synergy that Umbria can offer With its wonderful lands.