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Troubled Waters For 4 Zodiac Signs


When the exes return, they create chaos. November will be a complicated month for 4 zodiac signs, find out if you are one of them.

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What would happen if I received a call from an ex from the past? Let’s see together what files 4 zodiac signs at risk of receiving a spam message. Singles may get away with it, but those in pairs will be at risk.

Sometimes the door to the past opens, but not everyone wants to reopen it. And they work well! When the story is over, something may still be pending, but try it light the flame Or wanting to clarify after a long time can only lead to confusion and discomfort.

Couples who have a happy time may end up having a good time The crisis precisely because of an unexpected message from the ex. Let’s get acquainted together with the four signs of the zodiac that can receive a direct signal from the past.

4 Zodiac Signs at Risk in November: Will You Reopen the Door to the Past?

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Zodiac Signs -FFwebmagazine 06_10_22 (screenshot on Youtube)

Those born under the signAries They have some outstanding issues that remain unresolved. The ex may be upset and will do this to clarify and try to get closer. Be careful because if you are in a marital relationship, this will make your partner jealous, putting the relationship in serious danger.

The cancer There will come a time of great confusion precisely because of the return from the past. There may still be feelings that need to be thoroughly investigated. Maybe the relationship was not terminated? Singles will seriously consider giving it a second chance.

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Those born under the sign twins Instead, they will have to give a few lies to their partner. A text message, a phone call, or a meeting with an ex can upset everything to the point that it becomes very uncomfortable. The issue will be very sensitive, but remember that only lies will arise from spaces.

Breaks in sight too fish That their former partner may never have forgotten about him. When the door to the past opens, those born under this sign will be extremely happy and willing to destroy all of their present in order to chase that bond. Would it be the right choice? Think before you venture.


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