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Towards saying goodbye to the De Mayo M5S.  Grillo intervenes in the conflict with Conte

Towards saying goodbye to the De Mayo M5S. Grillo intervenes in the conflict with Conte

Split served. Luigi de Mayo The press conference with the announcement is ready to say goodbye at 9.15pm. After the collision with the Continental faction of the 5 star movement The resolution will be voted on in the Senate After Drake’s intervention, the foreign minister is now close to abandoning the pentostellate. In fact, signature collection is underway between representatives to form autonomous committees in the Chamber and the Senate. For the birth of a new creation in Montecitorio, 20 delegates will suffice, in the Palazzo Madama 10: the former political leader will already be ready for 60 MPs. Names in circulation Gianluca Waka, Sergio Patel, Alberto Manca, Caterina Licatini, Luigi Ivino, The Vincenzo case, David Ceridella, Daniel del Crozo, Paula Diana And Filippo Calinella. Even the mate Elizabeth Beard She’s considering the idea of ​​leaving the movement to pursue de Mayo, who has chosen herself as a candidate for Croton’s single-member constituency.

In the Senate, however, there will be 14 members, including members of parliament ready to leave Emiliano Fenu, Fabrizio Trentacoste, Antonella Campagna, Vincenzo Presutto, Primo de Nicola And Simona Noserino. Then various members of government: Deputy Minister of Economy Laura Castelli, Deputy Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Monlio di StefanoOne to the south Talila Nessie And it is for health Pierpolo Celery. Then former minister Vincenzo Spataphora. Prior to the press conference, Luigi de Mayo traveled to Cole for an interview with Materella. Meanwhile, 5Stelle sources deny rumors of the movement leaving the government.

5Stelle, Di Maio vs. Conte: Risk of splitting. Here is how many people are willing to follow the minister

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By Lorenzo de Cicco

Grillo’s post

Meanwhile, he intervenes in the movement’s internal disagreements Pepe Grillo. “Anyone who does not believe in the rules, say it,” he writes on his blog. Without mentioning Conte or de Mayo, Grillo seems to be defending the leader of the movement: “Sunlight is the best disinfectant – writes the party’s founder – so stay in our wounds, swamps and swamps. Darkness, no one trusts the rules of the game anymore? Let him say it boldly, without tricks.” Put down your distracting weapons and speak honestly.

A short but direct post. Written with the intention of restoring peace in the movement and making it clear whether you accept the rules of the party or you are out. Grillow’s words, instead of calming the mind, seem to emphasize the danger of splitting de Mayo’s farewell to the Pentecostals.

Referendum on the second term

Voting for the second term may also be skipped due to the conflict surrounding the movement. First announced by Conte by the end of June, the online consultation date will be postponed Graduation. Hypothesis, Pentecostal Parliamentary sources report to Agi that voting should be disabled at this time because at this point the dual mandate appears to be an exploitative topic. Grillo is likely to be in Rome on Thursday, while a meeting of parliamentarians is scheduled for tomorrow, promising it will be on fire. Meanwhile, the leaders of the 5 Stelli movement are discussing the final steps in the negotiations on the majority resolution to be voted on today.

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Speech by de Batista

The former lead player also intervened on a fracture within 5 stars Alessandro de Batista, Has been out of the movement for a long time, but always focuses on its internal dynamics: “The new split of the 5 star movement (I remember there was already one after the collapse of the Drake government) and the birth of a new group of ‘Atlantis’ and” moderates and liberals of Europeans “, I do not care, When the evil (and suicidal) decision to join the government of the crowd I left the movement only for political reasons, he adds: “After all, what is happening today is the result of those days. A movement born to rule without anyone – he continues – has the right to evolve and rule with one another (apparently maintaining a majority in the cabinet). Can lead to home decisions. He has no right to rule with everyone to bring comfortable armchairs to the house. This is called despicable betrayal. No responsibility. “Then he concludes:” Perhaps now, and only now, some activists in the movement understand the reasons for my past choices (and even what I have said in the past). But, to be precise, it is the past “.