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The day after Luigi de Mayo’s departure, a committee headed by the Foreign Minister, Together for the Future, was born in the room, Chamber Speaker Roberto Figo accuses: “Divide is a function of power, not politics, Which is different. And it was used as an unprecedented tool. “

The former mayor of Turin Sierra Appendino is also critical of de Mayo’s choice. “As I have always said – he underscores – as long as my political house is a 5 star movement and has a shared idea of ​​the future, it will continue.” “Yesterday – he writes – Luigi de Mayo and many parliamentarians made a choice that I totally disagree with, but it did not undo what we have done and enjoyed together over the years. It’s good or bad. How are we?”

Leader of the M5s Giuseppe Conte – In the meantime – Draghi reaffirms its support for the government. “Support for Tracy is not in question,” Conte told reporters outside party headquarters. “Being part of the backbone of the 5 Star Movement, it will be the first political force to deal with all issues, from social justice to environmental change.”

Conte reiterated that he would be the leader of the Cincinnati. “Have I ever thought about leaving the leadership of the movement? And for what reason?”, he said.

Speaking about the resolution in the Senate, he said, “As is the norm in any parliamentary democracy, yesterday we asked for their greater involvement in the resolution. We are in so much trouble But our support did not fail, “said Conte.

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In the early morning Roberto Figo arrives at M5s headquarters Meet Conte. After leaving headquarters, the two pentastellated ex-partners stopped in a room in the Piazza della Torreto for an interview. Including some MPs with them Witto Grimm, Pavla Taverna, Ilaria Fontana, Roberta LombardyNunzia Catalfo, Alessandra Maiorino, Massimo Castaldo Riccardo Ricciardi and Mario Turco.

In the morning, however, Figo announced his role in the Chamber as Speaker of the House The Together Foundation of the Future Group, a new entity led by Luigi de Mayo This includes all delegates who left the five-star movement.

Leader together for the future, Luigi de MayoSee you tomorrowJoint Assembly Members of Parliament of the new organization. The meeting will take place tomorrow at 2.30pm.

M5s Europe, selected with the movement logo, is loyal to the order
“Respect for the Electoral Commission has always been one of the founding values ​​of good politics. Citizens have chosen us with the symbol of the 5 Star Movement, and we are loyal to it. We renew our confidence in the plan and policies. The split was announced by M5S MEPs Tiziana Beghin, Fabio Massimo Castaldo, Laura Ferrara, Mario Furore and Sabrina Pignedoli.