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Euro 2020, Italy-Austria 2-1: Sisa and Pesina take Assyria to the quarterfinals |  News

Euro 2020, Italy-Austria 2-1: Sisa and Pesina take Assyria to the quarterfinals | News

At Wembley, after a 90-minute draw, the goals in overtime determine everything. Kalajtjik’s goal is futile

L ‘Italy Suffers, but continues the journey a Euro 2020. 16 round team Mancini took the lead in the quarterfinals, beating Austria 2-1 in extra time, Where he will face victory Portugal-Belgium. A tight and balanced race during regulation at Wembley: Assuri strikes a cross Immovable, Then Taylor Cancels a goal from Arnadovic. In extra time to sign Church (95 ‘), Pesina (105 ‘) e Kalajtjik (114 ‘).

Mancini’s Italy took 120 minutes to prove he’s still on the team and continue to dream. At the end of a very tight match against a good Austria, Sisa and Pesina take care of dragging Assouri to the quarterfinals. But it is the team effort that makes it believable. In fact, this time everything was decided by the two players who entered the race. Another demonstration of a united team, made up of players with multiple solutions and ready to use every opportunity. The net of a game that was a complex test and sometimes “dirty” and very closed, was distinguished by Mancini’s usual game principles and determination to attack at every moment of the match. Plugins included. After all, two asshole goals came at a crucial moment in the match, and it was necessary to push the limits when the energies fell and the goal was reached. A strength test that will be useful for Assyria to face the next challenges of the competition with more “weapons”, determination and determination at this point in the competition.

After the returns to Wales, Mancini relied on the determination to return the keys to midfield to Parella, Jorkinho and Verratti to the first direct confrontation of Euro 2020, and to re-focus on the trilogy Ferrari-Immobile-insine. Foda instead finds Hindereger and Grillich Square and Schlecker in front of the defense, and Limer, Subitzer and Pamkardner behind Arnadovic. Choices that immediately mark the start of the competition. As expected, Italy seeks possession and intrigue with many men. However, Austria did not back down, trying to play it openly, immediately suffocating the blue construction and setting the game on the range from behind. On the one hand it complicates Mancini’s men’s plans a bit at the start of the maneuver, but on the other hand gives its side to the permutations for immobile. There were no big occasions at a good pace in the first ten minutes, then Italy raised the center of gravity and increased the lap on the left. Spinasola shoots wide from a good position, then blocks a weak shot from the backman inning and a shot from Parella. Events that increase blue pressure, but allow Austria to restart. Arnadotovic kicks high in the development of a counter-attack, and then again Mancini’s men push between the lines with Verdi and aim for the red and white bunker with several men. With the gaps closed, the immobile strikes with a bolt from a distance to the intersection of the poles, then the first half is neutralized by Pachman from the spinal cord on the right foot.

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The second half was again in Assouri possession, saved by Dragovic in Ferrari and a free-kick from Alaba starts slightly higher. With the ball so tense, slow and precise, Italy struggles to find places and loses little of the distance between the fields. On the one hand, Alaba Ferrari closes well on a cross from the incinerator, and then Bonucci takes the lead on a corner improvements. On the other hand, a dangerous shot from Sabitzer ends wide, and then Taylor cancels a goal from Arnadovic with the help of a strap to an irregular position. Italy decided to let out a sigh of relief and start a cycle of exchange rates. In the hunt for energy and ideas, Mancini controls Barella and Verratti and brings in Pesina and Locatelly. But Italy is struggling to break it. At the ball, Spinozola finds for Ferdinand, but Sasuolo misunderstands everything by trying half-upwards as the striker flies and then leads to Sisa. Pelotti also enters head down in the final and asshole attack. Dragovic closes well after a good game of the innings, then wipes out a dangerous cross from the Austrian defense gallop and the match goes into extra time.

In extra time, Bachmann stops right from Sisa after a good side of Pelotti, and then Joe Winger opens the match with a powerful spot in the area. The goal is to break the balance and change the game. With little energy, in fact, the competition is constantly reversed and the board alternates with each other. At the front, Assuri retreats to defend the end, but they do not give up creating depth and attack. Bachmann saves a venomous free-kick from the inning, and then Pesina doubles the score after Acerp a better side in that area. The network leads the race on blue tracks, but this is not enough to get three whistles without risk. Donorumma flies over a scoop fireball and then shoots Sabitzer high from a good position after a dangerous counter-attack by Bopotti & Co. Sisa has two chances to get three types of scores, but he still hasn’t reached the goal, so Ponusi & Co. Italy suffers, but flies for quarters. Instead Austria congratulates the head of Euro 2020.

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Report cards
Church 7.5: Enters Ferrari’s place and opens the race with his own flash. Foot, livelihood and warm foot. Eventually he misses several opportunities
Spinasola 7.5: He has another step when he attacks, Italy pushes to his side. Lots of races, pressure and good plays. Sisa needs our help
Pesina 7,5: The story continues. Enter the goal that will allow Italy to fly to the quarter and score the goal. He gives the plan and runs average, still ready to reach the goal
Immovable 6,5: Commands the passage and strikes the depth with the right amount of time looking for a conversation with a fellow field. In the first half he runs, fights, cuts to the right from a distance. Low brightness in the second half
Ferrari 5,5: Bad evening. The man never jumped and even turned left to be dangerous. Before going out he tries a half overhead kick in that area and misunderstands it all
Arnadovic 6.5: He participates little in the maneuver, but when the ball comes to his side it always poses dangers by playing on the shore, building up the number of the body or finding it in the strait. It indicates, but var cancels
Grilits 6,5: He stops himself in front of the security, manages the possession-free stage well, and closes the spaces for the blue bags properly. Quiet and security material provided by Bachmann & Co.
Daughter 5.5: De Lorenzo-Ferrari tandem forces him to stay low and do cover work. Some ideas and notable plays

Italy 2-1 Australia (0-0 DTR)
Italy (4-3-3): Donorumma 6.5; De Lorenzo 6.5, Bonucci 6, Acerby 6.5, Spinasola 7.5; Parella 5.5 (22 ‘st Pesina 7.5), Jorkinho 6.5, Verratti 6 (22’ st Locatelly 6); Ferrari 5.5 (39 ‘St. Church 7.5), Building 6.5 (39’ St. Pelotti 6.5), Insine 6.5 (3 ‘St. Christian SV).
Available: Siriku, Mered, Emerson, Bernardechi, Raspadori, Bastoni, Doloi. All:. Mancini7
Austria (4-2-3-1): Bachmann 6.5; Liner 6 (9’s Trimmal 6), Dragovic 6, Hindereger 6, Alaba 5.5; Schleger 6 (1’s Sts Grigorich 5.5), Grillich 6.5 (1 ‘sts Scope); Limer 6.5 (9 ‘Sts Ilsunker SV), Subtitler 6, PalmCardner 5.5 (45’ StopScope 6); Arnadovic 6.5 (7 ‘points Kalajtjik 6.5).
Available: A. Schlecker, Pervவன்n, Ulmer, Bosch, Palmcartlinger, Leanhardt. All:. Oh
Referee: Taylor (Eng)
Markers: 5 ‘pts Church (I), 15’ pts Pessina (I), 9 ‘sts Kalajdzic (A)
Ammonites: De Lorenzo, Parella (I); Arnadovic, Hindereker, Dragovic (A)

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Italy set a new record of consecutive wins: 12, more than 11 established on the bench with Roberto Mancini, in 2019.
Italy set their new record in consecutive games without defeat considering all matches: 31; Between 1935 and 1939 it was over 30 under the administration of Vittorio Poso.
கொண்டது Italy conceded 1168 minutes after the previous match (against the Netherlands in October 2020), thus failing to reach the 12-game record set in 1974, although Azzurri conceded 1143 minutes.
It was the first alternate time between the Cup World Cup and the European Championship, with three substitutes scoring.
லி Italy have gone six extra times in their last nine knockout matches at the European Championships.
Federico Cisa was Italy’s first goal in eight extra time at the European Championships.
Italy have advanced to the quarterfinals in all of their last four Europeans.
Federico Sisa scored 25 years and 12 days after his father Enrico’s goal in a European Championship match (14 June vs Czech Republic).
Italy have won all five World Cups and European Cups against Austria, all by one goal.
Matteo Pesina has scored four goals in just 347 minutes of playing for Italy – averaging one goal every 87 minutes.
Italy have generated twice as many shots in the first half overtime (4) as compared to 90 (90) games (2).
• Sixth knockout stage appearance at Leonardo Bonucci’s European Championship today: No player counts more (six for Gianluigi Buffon).