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Tommaso Zorzi: How are you with Stefania?

It was in the Big Brother Vip that love and friendships were born and one of the most famous friendships is certainly the relationship between Tommaso Zorzi and Stefania Orlando. The two immediately became accomplices, but even now, things seemed to have calmed down even between them.

In the fifth edition of Big Brother VIPSome concluded it Month, Vipponi has been closed at home for about six months They were born during this long period beautiful relationships between competitors.

In addition to the love story born between them Pierpaolo Pritelli and Giulia Salemi Casa di Cinecittà also saw the birth of great friendships, such as those between Tommaso Zorzi and Stefania OrlandoWhich gave birth to a special relationship similar to the relationship between them Mother NS Son.

Their relationship really liked the audience who called it “Zorlando” And even once they left, the two had been dating for a long time. NS Today, However, things seem to they change; to say Relationship The one that connects them was exactly there Blonde presenter.

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Stefania Orlando: How are things with Tommaso Zorzi?


for them Transfer It was necessary to let both of us do that continuation And, in fact, the friendship between Stefania Orlando NS Tommaso Zorzi He gave strength and hope to both of them, even when nostalgia Home was too much tension.

lately interview However, the woman explained today to weekly Vero that things with the influencer have changed quite a bit.

“Zorzi? There A beautiful bond between us But in different cities we do not live daily report “.

said the woman, who seemed to be unable to attend any longer Big Brother Vip . Winner like the previous. In spite of Distances splitting them up, however, Emotion that connects the two amazing NS honest.

“He won me over sensitivemockeryopenness, Great civilization In spite of young. He has an important background, sometimes at home I didn’t realize I was talking to a guy like this small. Then that look of him deep”.

He explained Stefania, Nice to meet one Bella someone like him.

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