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Who deserted?  Three Fibonacci in Libra

Who deserted? Three Fibonacci in Libra

Also this year GF Vip It will be heading well beyond the initially scheduled duration of December. Vipponi was contracted at the start of the release, however, as always, they signed a contract that only keeps them busy. Even after Christmas. At this point, they will be called upon in the next few hours to make a choice: continue their adventure in the top-secret house or leave.

GF Vip Contract Expiration: Who Leaves and Who Continues

Unlike previous editions, this year Few threatened to leave GF Vip. who did that – Marco Bellavia He carried out his decision with great determination.

Among the various pushes and pulls, only Luca Salatino expressed his intention to return to Soria every other day, only to change his mind soon after and stay home.

According to the latest news also taken from trusted Twitter friends, tomorrow, on the occasion of the new episode of GF Vip, Vipponi will be called upon to make a choice: who will decide to sign the new contract and move on and who will give up the reality show without having to pay any penalty?

In view of the behavior of competitors only Luca Salatino He will be in great danger, but in fact, Twitter users are convinced that the former Tronista will not give up in the end, and will continue his path.

He was also the one who expressed his intention to leave early Anthony Spinalpiece, and already from the last episode its release on December 26 was expected. Someone even suspected Daniel Del MoroEspecially after his partner’s lack of work news, but this may not interfere with his television career.

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So they will be alone Luke, Daniel And the Anthony Non-renewal of a contract GF Vip? It is possible, because no other competitor seems to have anything to lose. Even Giaele and Attilio, though their private relations were seriously undermined, never considered leaving the top-secret house. At this point, what could cause Vipponis not to renew the contract?