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To see Celine, Paciano takes legal action

To see Celine, Paciano takes legal action

Alessandro Paciano wants to see his daughter and is ready for anything: ex Fiboni published on social media the letter that his lawyer sent to Sophie Codigioni.

separator between Sophie Codigioni and Alessandro Paciano Will he end up in court? Genoese deejay for his daughter CelineReady for this and more. the 34-year-old posted between stories Instagram The message that he has lawyer It was sent to the 22-year-old’s lawyer. Behind this ruling, there is a lack of cooperation from the former tronista men and women In reaching an agreement allowed Fathers To spend the same time with the little girl who is only 6 months old. And the burning suspicion: Is Sophie seeing anyone else?

A month ago, Sophie Codigioni and Alessandro Paciano have broken upamidst great fanfare social And in the living room very right. Both talk show guests Silvia TuvanenThey were given the opportunity to state their truths separately. The former Vippona decided to separate from her father Girl After he discovered a serious betrayal. Paciano He will have it betrayal with luzma cabello, The Spanish influencer and her old flame.

With the woman, the deejay spent three days in Ibiza. And then, he was right Luzma To call Sufi To tell her everything, attach photos and videos. Recently, the woman spoke publicly about the incident in the pages of a well-known weekly magazine. Alessandro Paciano He denied that betrayal It ever happened, accused Capello In search of appearing and acting out of revenge. to IbizaIn fact, when they were both out for work, she would try to approach with x face men and womenbut it was rejected.

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There are many points in this story that are ambiguous and inconsistent. Of course, only those directly involved know the truth. but, Celine He should not suffer from friction between his parents. to very rightthe Codejoni She confirmed that her ex-husband could see Girl How and when he wants. The last gesture of PacianoHowever, it reveals something completely different.

Paciano’s lawyer to Sophie: “She has another, stay away from Celine.”

In the message (dated November 13) that the 34-year-old shared InstagramAnd his lawyer claims so Sophie Codejoni He did not attend the first meeting negotiate Without providing any explanation. but PacianoAlthough he feels bitter, he has no intention of giving up and wants to find a solution in his favor Celine.

His suggestions include availability Caring for the little girl On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm to 6pm, moreover, you will be happy to keep Girl every time Codejoni You will need it, unless work obligations prevent it. In addition to, Paciano You must stay up to date Where is Celine located?: This is his right and duty as a father. “The simplest solution -It has been read- It is for the parents to talk to each other on the phone every day about the baby’s plans“.

Bassiano-letter-lawyer-sophie-codgoni Bassiano-letter-lawyer-sophie-codgoni

The letter then notes a very specific detail: It appears so Sufi She admitted to her ex-boyfriend that she had embarked on a new relationship Presence. Blogger Deianira Marzano revealed that Codejoni He was going to reveal it to the Genoese during a meeting in a garage in the presence of other people. However, the expert added gossipMaybe she said that to hurt him in anger.

If the statement is true […] To have another man, let it be clear that he is the same He should not have relations with his daughter Because she is still very young and can confuse the father figure.

on Instagramformer contestant of GF VIP He added another story: a blatant story holes against Sufi: “There are those who think about a new look and not coming home to their daughter in the evening, and there are those who have to pray in vain to be able to see her. Never forget who you are and where you come fromAnd the”.

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