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Alessio Belli Stella and Claudia Lenti ended their acquaintance


Previews of the episode of Men and Women recorded today, Wednesday, November 15, presented by Lorenzo Bugnaloni: “Alessio and Claudia end their acquaintance. Ida Platano holding a man. “A quarrel between Roberta, Aurora, and Barbara.”

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Today, Wednesday, November 15, in the studio men and women A new episode of the dating show has been recorded and will air over the next few weeks. The paths of the heroes of Throne Over continue, and according to the previews of Lorenzo Pugnaloni, the two heroes who were dating until now, have decided to interrupt their acquaintance. Ida PlatanoWho became a new tronista according to the latest recordings. After several rejections from some men who came to meet her, she decided to keep one of them.

Preview men and women

Today, a new episode was shown in the Men and Women studio, which will be broadcast soon. In today’s recording, Lorenzo Bugnaloni writes, Alessio Belli Stella And Claudia Lenses They decided to put an end to their knowledge. Marcantonio And Barbara De SantiHowever, they will continue their acquaintance. For Ida Platano, the new tronista, new suitors could have arrived: in the previous recording, the protagonist of Classic Throne had rejected several men who came on a blind date, this time Platano had decided “Cuban boy necklace“, we read. She also brought a bouquet of flowers to the studio for a boy “I apologize for the way I treated him.” previously. In the final episodes in the studio he will return Armando IncarnateDespite his absence from today’s scheduled appointment. Moreover, we read that there could have been a heated argument between… Barbara De Santi, Aurora Tropea and Roberta Di PaduaFemale Kindergarten Champions.

Silence on the classic throne

According to the latest registration update provided by Lorenzo Bugnaloni, there will be no news about the Classic throne. In the recording that was recorded a few days ago. Christian Forte He would go and pick up suitors who had left. Virginia Worthy She would go back to the studio even though she was very angry. However, Brando, despite his presence, was not the hero of the study.


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