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“To buy PlayStation5, you only need two days’ salary.”


Stories of those who leave their country to work abroad always receive a lot of attention, especially on social media. It is in particular Tik Tok Content of this type does not have difficulty spreading, and evidence of this is the case of Luna, the girl who moved to Switzerland and currently works in a cleaning company. In recent days, one of her videos received millions of views because she revealed to users how much she earns and how many days she needs to buy desirable things like a Playstation 5 or an iPhone15.

He leaves his specialty in medicine and returns to work with his colleague: “You earn less than an influencer, but you do not become a doctor for money.”

The mother of two leaves Milan (and a permanent job) and moves to Teramo: “I earn half, but I save.”

Luna, a Spanish girl who moved to… Swiss For work, he shares his stories about life in his account-based country Tik Tok @lunamm22. One recent content attracted particular attention: the young woman revealed how long she had to work to buy a PlayStation5 as a gift for her boyfriend. “For those who do not know me, I am Luna, a Spanish woman who lives in Switzerland and I currently work in a cleaning company and earn 22 francs per hour (just over 22 euros),” the young woman begins, adding: “Recently it was my friend’s birthday and I gave him a Play 5, and I had to… I have to work for two days to buy it.” But not only that, the young woman also confirms that if she wants to buy an iPhone 15 she will have to work for five days, while to go on vacation to Spain she will need to work only one day to be able to buy flights.

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The series of statements did not take long to go viral, accumulating nearly 4 million views, more than 371 thousand “likes” and comments of all kinds, most of them from users thinking about moving to Switzerland. “We must also take into account that life there is more expensive,” “But let’s see.” I wonder: the standard of living in the countryside? How much does it cost to rent a two-bedroom apartment in Switzerland, for example?”, “In Spain I have to work 8 days to buy a box of Doritos”, “These calculations should be made starting from the amount of money left per month” after basic expenses (housing, electricity, Water, taxes) to control Swiss prices.

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