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GF Vip and Soleil Furious: ‘Tired of Little Theaters’

Solly Sorge chimes in with Gianmaria Antinolfi regarding the fact that she has always been embroiled in the stinging rhetoric that arose in the love life of the Neapolitan entrepreneur: “There I am attracted in the middle by having an affair with you. Then you closed the point. I am tired of your little theaters.”

Signs of fatigue on the part of the beautiful Soleil rise. The past few weeks inside the Big Brother Vip house have been especially heavy for the Italian-American influencer. If at the beginning of the reality show Soleil She was in the center of attention because of the quarrels with her ex-boyfriend Janmaria AntinolfiThen she finds herself in the middle of a love triangle between her, the Neapolitan entrepreneur and Greta Mastroianni, then with the person with it Sophie Codejoni Finally in one with Alex Bailey and Delia Doran. In short, in recent months, there has not been much peace for the beautiful Sully. And he wanted to vent that mood with the former Gianmaria:

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First Greta’s story, then Sophie’s story and now I had to get this shit here…Honestly, I’m tired. They always asked me. It’s not that I’m going to look for these positions. It’s the last thing I wanted to do and experience here. Little has been said about my life, my history, and who I am. Then the fact that I can show it is another thing. I’m really tired of being in the middle of these vitriolic rhetoric. Then obviously if they ask me for an opinion…


There they were pulled in the middle after having an affair with you. Then the point closed. I’m sick of your little theatres.

Delia Duran’s accusations

Soleil Surge e Alex Bailey 1024 & # 215;  576

Soleil, because of their very close relationship sometimes Alex Bailey He made the last companion jealous Delia Duran Who talked like this about the influencer:

dead cat? More alive than dead. It is a cat that knows how to attack people. She has a double face. Not only did I see her like this with Alex, but also with others. I would say he knows how to flip an omelette. She had to stop instead I went further with my husband.

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This is how Soleil responded to the Venezuelan model:

I’m not a dead cat and neither have I been. To insult me ​​in this way is having a bad time. The first time I take it, the second time I try to stay calm, but if the third happens again, it’s enough. If he continues to attack, I will start defending myself. I’m no longer there to take digs and be silent, I no longer suffer in silence. Nobody on TV insults me. I’m fine the first time you attack me, the second time I get tired, and then the third time my hearing is distorted, I get angry.