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Tira Amara, Bahisa’s gesture leaves the audience speechless: Sarmin is in danger

Tira Amara, Bahisa’s gesture leaves the audience speechless: Sarmin is in danger

The plots of the most watched Turkish series ever, bitter land, is becoming more complicated day by day. And in a totally unexpected gesture, Bihisi The audience is left speechless. This will happen in the next few episodes.

Terra Amara previews upcoming episodes on TV

with its intrigues, The Turkish novel has practically conquered a large part of the Italian publicAs I did – at the beginning – another well-known novel, the secret. The Spanish soap quickly became a must for Italian housewives and beyond. In fact, the actors – not only in our country – have achieved a great level of fame.

Even the actors in Terra Ama are gradually gaining the same status,Channel 5 It always maintains interesting content for its audience and stream selection, and a series like this has been quite well done.

According to developments that have already been circulating on the Internet for several hours, Bahija Hakimoglu He will be the protagonist of a gesture that will leave the audience speechless.

Amara Terra Advance –

The character has always accustomed viewers to somewhat questionable headshots. He is certainly not among the most likable characters perhaps precisely because of his controversial role within the complex dynamics regarding the main characters.

Sometimes, even bad guys know how to be appreciated. However, in this case, it must be interpreted by valid actors, or it will not remain well swayed in the mind of the audience who follows the episodes regularly.

In case the secret, Donna Francisca She is certainly the most respected opponent of all: despite her cool, arrogant, and questionable ways, she has always had a certain charm. Behice proves to be no different.

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Tira Amara, Bahisa leave the audience speechless: the slap is for Sarmin

The woman, who as we know uses all the weapons at her disposal to achieve her goals: she will become the protagonist of a gesture that will make you feel awe.

In fact, the character takes a beating for it Kurkurova’s stay is playing its part. when Cerminwho has never looked kindly at a woman, will drop heavy insinuations about her, and Behise will not be able to remain indifferent.

Defamatory accusations will correspond to the woman’s reaction. Behice will amaze the audience when she actually decides to get slapped Sarmin Yaman.

In front of everyone, Simin will accuse her of being a double agent. But how will all this happen? The developments speak of strong moments of tension that began when Fekili will propose, quite convincingly, to Mrs. Hakimoglu to move away from the estate. Fikili holds her responsible for the killing of Hunkar.

Behice leaves the audience speechless
Behice leaves the audience speechless

To regain her credibility, a woman must make a brave and absurd choice: she will pay the man in the street to brutally beat and shoot herEven a gunshot.

It is clear that he does not intend to kill himself, in fact he will be shot in the shoulder. Its purpose is Stay in Cukurova. Of course, under similar circumstances, no one would try to send her away. His plan could have gone very smoothly but it didn’t. When fate wants, he knows how to make fun.

In fact, his crazy ploy to stay in Cukurova fails miserably when the man’s dog attacks during the show, and he ends up shooting the woman in the heart rather than the shoulder.

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Behice will then be taken to the hospital and will have to, Therefore, she will undergo a very delicate operation which fortunately will save her life but will cost her 20 days of hospitalization.

When she is finally released from the hospital, Behes will return to the villainous role she played in the novel from the beginning. In fact, the woman will want to organize a press conference where she will formally and directly blame Zulekha for her terrible attack. So, some very interesting episodes await us which will surely make the plot more attractive.