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Uomini e Donne: Luca Salatino e Soraia Ceruti di nuovo insieme

Luca Salatino and Soraia Ceruti together again

A few days ago, many rumors began circulating about the love story between Luca Salatino and Soraya Allam Cerruti, as she reported a hypothetical crisis between the two. Only these days, the rumors are largely denied by the fact that the couple is spending a weekend together in Rome.

no crisis for Luca Salatino And the Soraya Allam Cerruti. In fact, in recent days, many have assumed their relationship could be on a collision course after a mysterious story he shared. Soraya Siruti It was about changes and new beginnings.

All the rumors that were swept away are true secretly CerrutiThis weekend, he arrived in Rome Luca Salatino And now they spend a few days together in the capital.

The couple who suffers from a long distance relationship Between Como and Rome, once they get to know each other deeply, he plans to live together.

Soraya and Luca: No crisis

Men and women: Luca Salatino and Soria Cerruti together again

The Common On a hypothetical crisis between Luca Salatino And the Soraya Siruti Dating back a few days ago, when a former suitor shared an Instagram story that contained a quote that seemed ambiguous to many:

It is available for all day zero. It’s a moment where you don’t win, you don’t lose, but you start over. We turn away from people who become memories, from those who did not stay, and from those who, after all, never were.

It is called zero day because what follows zero is always a beginning and in the beginning there is no known defeat.

A quote talking about new beginnings and a reboot that deeply disturbed fan From a couple born a little over a month ago in studies men and women.

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But just this weekend, any hypothesis of a crisis or rupture has been largely denied by the fact that secretly And the Luca They showed themselves very happy and together via social media. Indeed, the former suitor has arrived at her partner in Rome, to spend a few days there.

Soraya and Luca: In the future there will be coexistence

Men and women: Luca Salatino and Soria Cerruti together again

These days then, Luca Salatino And the Soraya Siruti They were interviewed by MondoTv24, where they were able to explain the structure of their relationship.

It is true that the two live in a relationship that is not hampered by a little distance, but both revealed that coexistence is their goal, just as he made it clear Luca Pretzel:

Good. Of course there is a distance and we have our obligations. I have obligations in Rome because playing sports anyway… It has its job.

see you once a week: Either I go up to Como, or you go down to Rome. So we are able to manage this situation which is definitely uncomfortable.

Coexistence is the goal we want to achieve, but we are unable at the moment. You are for my job, and I am for the sporting commitments I have here in Rome. Even the fact that we are not yet familiar with each other … but cohabitation is definitely our goal, or sooner or later the desire is there.

You definitely have to listen to the heart when you’re a boy. If you want to live with someone after a day, you should do it, it’s definitely different on the 30th.