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Così (anche illegalmente) la Cina punta al dominio tech. Il report degli 007 Usa

Thus (even illegally) China aims for technological dominance. 007 USA Report

U.S. counter-intelligence has released a document on emerging technologies that warns against the efforts, legal and other efforts of Beijing and Moscow. Consider the genetic databases in the hands of the CCP

In particular, five sectors will determine the future of the United States as a leading power: artificial intelligence, bioeconomics, autonomous systems, quantum and semiconductors. This is the basis of the document Protecting important and emerging American technologies from foreign threats Published by the National Counter-Intelligence and Defense Center, Stars and Lines Counter-Intelligence Center. Carefully read the agency: it is not spy work, but counter-espionage, that is, it aims to protect national security from external threats.

The strategy I compete with

“The U.S. leadership in emerging technologies faces growing challenges from strategic competitors recognizing the economic and military benefits of these technologies and has implemented comprehensive national strategies to achieve leadership in these areas,” the report said. “The democratization of such technologies will be beneficial, but economically, militarily and socially destabilizing.” This is why the Center emphasizes the need to “pay special attention to anticipating trends” and to “understand the implications for safety” of new technologies.

Chinese Thread …

There are only two countries examining the document. And they are China and Russia. The former aims to become a leader in technology by 2030, making it “America’s main strategic competitor”. The military, intelligence and security services of the People’s Republic of China are indebted to technology exchanges and its military-civil integration policy and intelligence gathering and acquisition and utilization of technology to achieve its national goals, including the National Intelligence Act, for all Chinese companies to share technology and information.

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How does it do that? With a variety of methods including intelligence services, scientific and technological investments, academic collaboration, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, talent recruitment programs, research partnerships, pre-institutions and legal and regulatory activities. Quoted from Financial times, Michael Orlando, Director Advertising medieval At the center, Beijing explains how to “use various legal, illegal and semi-legal methods” to obtain data on intellectual property and American citizens and to gain dominance in key industries.

Of particular interest when coming to China are aspects related to genetics. The document states: “Large genetic databases can be used to uncover people’s heritage and solve crimes, and can be misused for surveillance and social oppression.” Consider the practices involved in China, the Uyghurs in Xinjiang. New York Times.

And the Russian one

On the other hand, “Russia considers advanced scientific and technological development a priority for national security”, explains 007 Americans. To this end, it aims to “advance the United States through the use of legal and illegal technology transfer mechanisms, including military and intelligence programs.” Moscow does not hate joint ventures with Western companies, talent recruitment and international scientific cooperation.

However, “resource constraints” have forced Russia to “focus on research and development efforts in certain key technologies, such as military applications of artificial intelligence.” Unlike the Chinese toolbox, the Russian “toolbox” includes agreements between governments.

Is it family?

The peculiarities of Chinese operations highlighted by US intelligence have some points that relate to an Italian story. Of Alby AviationFriulian went into the hands of two Chinese state-owned enterprises with “opaque methods” according to Cardia de Finanza, through a coastal company, three years before the company began producing drones. Fiami Jiel has fought two violations: the Arms Export Regulation Act 185/1990 and the so-called Golden Power. Palazzo Siki is now examining this document. This is why the newly released document can help our intelligence as well.

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