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Epiphany, updates have confirmed the exciting forecast for Befana »

Weather: Epiphany, updates have confirmed the exciting forecast for Epiphany

Befana: Recent updates have turned it all upside down, but….Today’s updates confirm An absolutely sensational forecast for the day of the Epiphany.
Yes, it will be a completely different befana (period) due to a certain weather system not only in Italy but in the entire Old Continent.

In the next few days we will have to face an even stronger situation resistance It has been controlling the weather in our latitudes for weeks (except for a few intermittent short breaks) and it will continue to control the weather uninterrupted until the end of these Christmas holidays, including Epiphany.
What is going on? We live in weather jargon a Atmospheric volume i.e. a completely stable synoptic configuration of the atmosphere, characterized by the persistence of a broad high pressure region (preventing an anticyclone). Interrupts the flow of Atlantic disturbances from the west for a long time.
In light of this, even on Epiphany day, we expect stable weather in most of our country, except for the risk of some precipitation in Liguria and Tyrrhenian regions, which often occurs in the northern plains. Gray skies will dominate due to these structures, low clouds, mist and fog.

However, the most important aspect is again of concern temperatureHolds well Above average Reference climatic conditions, as we can appreciate from the graph below: the red color indicates values ​​up to +6/7 °C additional than expected at the beginning of January.Temperatures average above 6/7°C in most parts of ItalyTemperatures average above 6/7°C in most parts of Italy
In short, the true winter has yet to be seen: probably I First signs of release We’ll only get them next weekend, with the arrival of an Atlantic disaster from northern Europe. But there will be no heat shocks.

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