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Open arms test, all texts agreed: Richard Carey will also testify


“How much does this process cost?” – At the trial in Palermo, Matteo Salvini was indicted. “Here is the Palermo Prison Court. The trial begins with leftists and fans of illegal immigration: How much does it cost Italian citizens?”. This is a comment Matteo Salvini wrote in a post on Twitter.

Jer attack – “Tell me how serious the test that Richard Kerr is coming from Hollywood to testify about my wickedness. I hope it will be as short as possible because there are still important things to deal with. I’m only sorry for two things. The league leader left the bunker.

Salvini’s security demands – According to Salvini’s defense, Italy is ineligible to designate a safe haven for NGO open arms ships. Salvini’s attorney, Giulia Pongiarno, was required to acquire two dismissal orders, in addition to the selection of the league’s president, which, in cases such as open arms, excluded Bose’s Italian ability in the task. (Security location) and, on the subject of Italian incompetence, the Foreign Ministry notes, in which it was reiterated that Spain should establish a secure port.

Security also asked to purchase the 2019 order Established measures to be taken against NGOs that disregard the signs of a state. In the list of documents requested by Salvini’s security, the government’s notes highlighting the Italian policy of landing also allowed the need to reach a European level agreement on the distribution of immigrants before being approved for pose and landing.

Open Arms Founder: “Saving is a Duty” – “We are here to receive the signal of justice. This is the meaning of our existence.” Oscar Camps, founder and director of the NGO Open Arms, spoke about the beginning of the investigation against Matteo Salvini. “We are here to defend the right to protect the people,” he said.

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