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Zero SR/F, nuovo record elettrico per il coast-to-coast USA

Zero SR / F, the new electric record from the US coast to the coast – the Monto Moto

Electric motorcycle SR / F, Manufactured by a two-wheeler manufacturer Zero, The record-breaking protagonist in the United States. This is a beach-to-beach trip, which is an exceptional tourist destination for those who love the states and a source of incredible inspiration for those who want to travel around the world. Well, motorcyclist Scott Horkles instead set the electric motorcycle record from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. This is really the bulk 112.5 hour journey, Thanks to a small recharge at low cost.

The news was posted on a Facebook group created by the owners of Zero Motorcycle branded motorcycles. The voyage with SR / F, purchased in 2020, departed from Jacksonville Beach, Florida and ended at Oceanside Beach, north of San Diego, California. The bike, on the side of the series specifications, got an external charger for the batteries.

Horkles explained “12 kW of AC charging was enough to complete the journey“However, there is room for improvement,” said Horkles.Can’t wait to try again, see if he can take 10-15 hours from the trip by planning the best routes / stops based on what came from this experience“.

The Zero SR / F is powered by a ZF14.4 lithium ion battery with 190 Nm of torque and 110 hp. The SR / F is equipped with a custom application dashboard equipped with the Cyber ​​III operating system of Zero Motorcycles and Posh’s Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC). With the power tank, according to House data, it reaches a range of 320 kilometers. Considered an ambitious idea for a garage in Santa Cruz, California, Zero Motorcycles has grown into an internationally renowned motorcycle company in a short period of time; With these posts, the competition rating will rise even more.

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