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This is why these leaks are unreliable -

This is why these leaks are unreliable –

Expectation is growing playing condition On June 2, and as has traditionally appeared on the network (on social networks, in this case) the default Ladder with advertisements which we will see during the event. Well, a fairly reliable source explained why These leaks are not reliable.

But let’s go in order: Three days ago, Sony announced the State of Play for June 2022, a date that many are looking forward to with great interest because it takes place in a period when, until just a few years ago, it was historic. Sony conference at E3.

According to the little information revealed by the Japanese House, it will be a presentation of about 30 minutes, in which trailers and advertisements related to the Games coming to PS5 and PS4as well as on products in the pipeline to PlayStation VR2.

Well, it showed up in two days Twitter The post you see below, was posted by a profile that generally doesn’t deal with leaks and often leaves room for sarcastic and/or irreverent tweets. No source is indicated, but that hasn’t stopped many users and testers from discussing it.

What is in this document? As mentioned, this is a lineup with plenty of timing and a list of ads:

  • Project Destroyed – Trailer Ad
  • Stray – Final Trailer
  • Street Fighter 6 – Debut Trailer
  • Hawa Project – Trailer
  • Forspoken – Trailer Story
  • Little Devil Inside – Gameplay Trailer
  • Chia – Trailer Story
  • PlayStation VR 2 – Overview
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for PSVR2 – Trailer Announcement
  • Resident Evil Village: Last Hopes for PSVR2 – Gameplay Trailer
  • Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora for PSVR2 – Gameplay Trailer
  • Daemonium for PSVR 2 – Trailer Trailer
  • Resident Evil 4 – Teaser Trailer
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Resident Evil 4, original artwork

As you can see, the existing That might sound plausible, but former leaker now Dusk Golem said that this kind of news, with pictures of docs and timelines, is almost always fake. “These slides don’t exist, especially nowadays,” he wrote in a blog post.

“Most trailers and shows are organized by teams of people sitting together in an office and communicating with each other, not by documents just waiting for their content to be filmed for their content to be revealed. Marketing security officers. They wouldn’t risk something like that.”

PlayStation VR2
PlayStation VR2

In short, the dummy lineup is almost certainly a file forgedBut we did write an editorial about the potential games and announcements for PS5, PS4, and PSVR 2 that will be in the State of Play: Maybe eventually we’ll have a few more from this self-designed leak. What do you think that? Let’s talk about.

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