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Windows, you can also update it offline: How to do it

Windows, you can also update it offline: How to do it

Not everyone knows that it is possible to update Windows even without connecting to the Internet: here are the steps and guide He succeeds

It is possible to update Windows even without connecting to the Internet, even if many are not aware of how to do it: Here are the steps and what is needed to complete the process correctly.

Offline Windows PC Update Guide

In some cases, on some Windows computers, users may encounter a major problem Inability to follow the latest system updates. There may be various reasons, including obviously the absence of an Internet connection, which is a necessary component of the process itself.

In other cases, the user may, for example, encounter problems with Windows Update, or it may be optional to leave the computer offline and update it manually when necessary, such as in the case of critical updates.

It must be emphasized that an old computer is exposed to various electronic threats, in addition to viruses. For this very reason, Microsoft suggests always keeping your devices up to date.

However it is possible, Update your Windows PC offline, by using a really useful tool. In fact, the latter is able to identify missing updates on every computer.

However, what will be needed, and is an indispensable item, is another Windows computer connected to the Internet, as well as a USB storage device of at least sixty-four gigabytes. Moreover, it is also important to pay attention to some basic requirements. Both computers must have the same version of Windows. So, Windows 11 or 10, Home -> Home or Pro – Pro version. The donor computer must also have a fully updated Windows system.

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These prerequisites are necessary, otherwise it will not be possible to complete the process, because the updates will be different for each version of the operating system.

How to update Windows offline: Pay attention to the tool and the steps to follow

Therefore, taking into account the above basic requirements Be able to update Windows without an Internet connection, You must download first Mobile updatethe free portable tool that can be installed on a USB stick.

Update your Windows PC offline, Guide
Guide and steps to update a Windows computer without an Internet connection

After placing it on your flash drive, you can open the file from your networked computer portop.exe, Install everything required.

Then you have to go to the tab seek, By clicking on Begins To start scanning for updates in the operating system version. If this process takes a while, don’t worry, you can sit back and wait.

After learning about the updates, you can click on downloads, By checking the box at the top left of the list, and selecting All Updates. At this point, you need to click Begins.

The files will then start downloading and will be saved cache. The stick will then host updates that must be “moved” to the computer that is not accessing the updates itself.

At this point, you can focus on the offline computer, and after logging in you can plug in the USB drive and turn it on PortUp.exe. inside fixed, You will select all updates using the box on the left, and finally press Begins.

here A computer that is not connected to the Internet, so to speak, will receive all updates Which was downloaded from the other computer in the previous stage.

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