Wednesday, July 24, 2024

They have to get back to Palermo from London, but Ryanair gets on board for a flight to Dublin: ‘Nightmare flight’


They had to return to Palermo. They found themselves on a plane bound for Dublin, which fortunately did not take off. “How did this happen?” Passengers are now wondering who waited for their Ryanair flight to Punta Raisi from London’s Stansted Airport. Delays, gate change, and finally the airline’s low-cost Babuku resulted in a four hour delay buildup. “We had to leave at 5.25 pm – he said Palermo Salvo, one of the passengers – We arrived at half past one in the morning. The problem is not only with the long delay, but with the complete management of the day.”

Flight FR3918 was scheduled to take off from England at 5.25pm, according to the scoreboard. “We arrived at the gate knowing that the flight was on time – continues – no information on the screens and no delays were announced via email. We were not notified by the airport agents. At the scheduled departure time, passengers were informed of the change gate. Only when We arrived at the new ascent we discovered the delay. A new departure was scheduled for 19″.

Until this moment the delay is like any other delay. “Despite the delay – he went on – no one told us or arranged snacks and drinks for us for refreshment. We only received an email inviting us to change flights or destinations. But at 19pm it was probably too late to change it. Programs at an airport in London for two hours. By bus from the city center and away from the city. Besides, there was no other flight to Palermo, this was the only scheduled flight.”

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At this point the unlikely happens. “At 7 in the evening, they started going up – he explained – with a long wait. As soon as we got on the plane, they made us get off because that plane was not going to Palermo, but to Dublin. In a daze, we returned to the gate exhausted and without information. About another delay The gate has changed for the third time: Boarding begins at 9 pm The children are crammed, crammed together and exhausted by this endless martyrdom after nearly 4 hours of flipping. Finally at 9.30 pm we are on the right plane and three hours later at Falcon Borsellino Airport. of a nightmare.”


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