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Tax controls Some important changes were introduced in May 2024, but not everyone noticed them

Tax controls Some important changes were introduced in May 2024, but not everyone noticed them

Tax checks and news from tax authorities – Many changes are coming from May 2024 for Italian taxpayers following changes introduced at the end of April. Let’s find out all the news related to tax assessments and controls.

Tax controls – news about compliance with assessment reports

Following the publication of the Ministry of Economy and Finance’s document, some new features regarding the procedures for taxpayers’ compliance with assessment reports prepared by the Tax Authority have been clarified.

As of April 30, it is also possible to adhere to the minutes drawn up in accordance with Article 24, accepting the entire contents within 30 days of delivery. Delivery will be made through written communication with the relevant offices.

Unconditional membership is also granted, which is limited only to the content of the report, and conditional membership, which allows you to request the correction of any apparent errors within 10 days. Finally, unconditional acceptance is expected within 60 days, through notice of deed setting out the partial assessment by the revenue agency.

Payment methods and membership features

The person required to complete membership is entitled to benefit from a reduction in half of the fines due. Payment must be made within the conditions and in the manner specified by the legislative decree. Any subsequent installments will already contain the interest due from the day following notification.

The taxpayer has 20 days from the date of notification to pay the due amount, which can be paid in a maximum of 8 quarterly installments. In the event of non-payment, the Revenue Agency will continue the registration process.

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Tax control and debt collection

Regarding debt collection by tax authorities, this will be done through notification of a specific reasoned document. The full amount requested must be paid within the deadline for filing any appeals and compensation will not be allowed to proceed.

In short, there are several innovations related to tax controls that Italian taxpayers need to know about in order to properly exercise their rights vis-à-vis the tax authorities. Paying attention to these changes is crucial.

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