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Marco Liorni presenta Reazione a Catena oggi

The three on spit, cash prizes and the winning word on Tuesday, August 30th

Chain reaction 2022. As always, the date on Rai 1 is back on time with the exciting quiz game Reaction to Chain, the summer game that keeps company public starting at 6.45pm. It is led, as always, by Marco Lorni, while the champions are two teams: on the one hand, the new champion in his position ”The three on the spit On the other hand”opposite poles“.

Who will be able to win? And to return the final prize money?

2022 Chain Reaction: “The three on the spit“against”opposite poles

The rules of the game are always the same and the challenge, with words to guess, promises to be fierce. Between one musical string (and not only) and the other, only one of the two teams, as always, between them “Three on a Spit” And the “opposite polesHe will reach the final.

In the last play-off between the two teams, To win it was “three on a spit”. Will they now be able to take the entire prize pool home and not cut it in half? And to be heroes to the end? Who knows, it will be necessary to understand if luck will play its part in addition to skill!

What prize money did they give themselves

The The last move was invaded by the “Three on a Spit” trio., who will now try to do everything possible and get the prize money accumulated over the course of the evening. And it’s good 98 thousand euro.

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The last series

there winning word Tonight is about to be revealed. But not before I saw the whole sequence of words that today consisted of:

  • Quality
  • Brand name
  • shame
  • to praise
  • thirty
  • September
  • religion
  • arrears
  • ride
  • level
  • Sea

Chain Ration 2022: The winning word tonight is…

The sum of awards, at the end of the last series, was 383 EUR. The winning word for guessing consists of this series: “A sea of… a third element.”

Triple D “Three on a Spit” They bought the third item, the word “bells”dropping the prize pool to 192 euros.

It was the word chosen “Distance: After”, But it was a mistake! It was the right word “expansion” So boys will try again tomorrow!