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"Between tubes and syringes" causes

“Between tubes and syringes” causes

What happened to Federico’s fashion? Fans were upset by posts on social media that portrayed him in hospital. This is what happened in the last few hours.

In recent years, the Federico Fashion Style personality has become increasingly popular on the Italian television scene. Born as a hairdresser, he is interested in the image of VIPs and famous for their beauty such as Alba Baretti, Valeria Marini and Pamela Prati. His waves and shades are unmistakable, and he has attracted more and more clients with his skill and professionalism thanks to the TV shows that went straight into his salons.

Laurie, however, that’s his registry office nickname, attracts the spotlight and the eyes of the cameras. In fact, participate in the latest version of Dancing with the Stars He shows himself in a new highly regarded role, the role of a dancer. His very strong taste and character are his distinguishing features that made him famous and loved all over Italy. But what happened to him these days after an absence on social media that upset his fans in particular? He revealed this by explaining the reasons for his sudden stay in the hospital.

Federico Fashion Style in the Hospital: The Reasons Revealed

Hairstylist Anzio Federico Fashion Style revealed to his followers why he was hospitalized. He has been absent from social media for several days and everyone has been wondering why. Laurie’s silence is suspicious because he is always very present on social media and constantly updates his followers on every activity. Yesterday he explained that he underwent surgery to remove the defect that made him feel insecure for so long. In fact, at the age of 15, he took on kilos that he later lost. Despite strict diets and controlled gym sessions, she hasn’t been able to eliminate those pesky layers of extra skin that are hard to get rid of after losing weight quickly.

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Only surgery can do this, and for this very reason, after years of hesitation, Federico finally gave up and underwent the operation. For him, the image is very important and in his television appearance, he tried to hide this small flaw as much as possible, but he was never satisfied with it. Now he’s fine, he has reassured his followers who have been calling him out on social media for days and is ready to come back stronger and funnier than before.

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