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“The Lucky One Hasn’t Come Yet”

“The Lucky One Hasn’t Come Yet”

It was central New evidenceIn the province RomeThird prize Italy Lottery 2022 from 2 million euro. «This morning, when I woke up, I got a message from a customer that my business had a third prize and that he wasn’t the winner for just three numbers.», Its owner’s son explains to Agipronews Valerio Vitelli Vitelli Pastry Bar in Via Palombarese, 370.

Lottery Italy, blind goddess in Ciociaria, prizes in Castrocillo, Azonia and Filitino: 50 thousand euros in the capital

Who is the winner?

As of now the lucky ticket holder has not yet arrived, but the winner must be a local resident. «Winner A Regular customer of the bark. I hope he also shows a coffee, and someone who needs the winning amount. For my restaurant, this is the first such significant win, we went up to 50 thousand euros with SuperEnalotto, but nothing significant until yesterday evening.».

Winning ticket

Mr. Vitelli’s coupon L 349605 was sold in the last few days. “Looking at the series I think January 4th, but still close to the final rush”.

Rome, where last year’s millionaire ticket was sold a few meters from a tobacconist who won 5 million won.

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