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Clashes between Roma and Napoli fans on the A1. The Romanian was wounded and arrested for a serious fight

All hell broke loose on the A1 at around 1.30pm. A quarter hour of extremely violent urban warfare in the service area Padia Al Bino East (Arezzo), where a Lazio fan was fatally injured in 2007 Gabriel Chantry. 150 fans Naples And about 50 Rome. The former went to Genoa at 6pm against Sampdoria, number 350 but not all took part in the clashes, the latter number 150 and travel Milan, the match between Giallorossi and Milan is scheduled for 20:45. Police have already identified all the Giallorossi. At 14, the traffic police close the highway. Fifteen kilometers of cars in a row and the presence of a Romanian (in yellow code). Later in the evening, the man was arrested for aggravated battery in felony delicto. To avoid that, others may have decided not to show up at the emergency room. Italy is split in two until 15.45 when the A1 reopens.

Suspicion of the opposing fans ultras They had arranged to meet at a gas station with the intention of clashing. For this reason the quaestor of Arezzo, with an edict, ordered it to be closed during the stay of the Neapolitans. That’s not enough. As about 150 opposing fans passed by, the Neapolitans began throwing bottles, potsherds and wires. Banned from stopping, the Roma supporters first slowed down, then stopped 15 minivans and cars on the expressway before returning on foot. And thus all hell broke loose. Arezzo’s prosecutor is waiting for information from the police headquarters, in the file, in the first instance, prosecutor Roberto Rossi assumes an attack on traffic safety and interruption of public service.

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The videos even show shots fired by agents A quarter of an hour of madness. Scenes of urban warfare never moved from the motorway to the lanes of the motorway, so it was closed. It all happens at kilometer 364 between Monte San Savino and Arezzo: as they pass in front of the service station, the vans and cars of the Romanians slow down, a kind of stone throwing. Some Neapolitan fans approach the barriers and throw everything away. After a few meters the Roma players stop, a van even pulls up, the Giallorossi ultras get out and walk back. Clashes take place in the street: Ultras wear sweatshirts and black jackets, their faces covered with scarves and hoods. Belts and flags in hand, sticks. Screams are heard and stones are thrown and tear gas canisters are heard on the roadsides as cars and trucks pass by constantly. In all, about 150 Neapolitans and 50 Romanists face each other. Martino, one of them has a thigh injury, probably with a concussion. He went to the Arezzo emergency room and was arrested in the evening. Now the videos examined by the police headquarters will be used for identification. Police have plates, and many fans have shown up with their faces uncovered. The Romanians are out again after a crazy quarter of an hour. Neapolitans traveling on buses were escorted to Genoa by the traffic police.

Clashes between fans on the A1 in Badia al Pino: the same motorway service station where Gabriele Sandri was killed in 2007. Father: “I condemn what happened”

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Investigations began immediately, and after the first deferred arrest in flamante delicto, others may follow. The Chief Ministers do not impose any restrictions against the fans. The interior minister, Matteo Piantedosi, congratulated the police: “I will ask the Observatory on sporting events to evaluate the upcoming planned events with great seriousness”. Piantedosi, as Rome’s prefect, has adopted measures to ban transfers of fans deemed at risk in many cases. Sports Minister, Andrea Abodi: “Whoever is at fault now, the same goes for A1’s hooligans.”

the witness

A chaotic situation with frantic traffic and panicked motorists. All the fans got out of their cars and were in the middle of the highway wearing masks and dark clothes. They held sticks and threw firecrackers and smoke bombs towards the service area. We managed to escape them. My husband and I were returning from a ski week and our children were in the car, two small children. We were afraid that something might hit us and got out as quickly as possible.

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