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$ 260 billion US on the way to energy transformation

Incentives are especially generous for electric vehicle buyers – buyers can apply for a loan of up to 500 12,500

The United States is getting serious about energy change: In recent days, the House Finance Committee has given the green light to a $ 260 billion clean energy tax bill. So according to him, this arrangement can be carried out in the Senate Bloomberg.

What is the US proposal

The bill, which includes an incentive of $ 31.6 billion for electric vehicle buyers, seeks to consolidate tax credits for renewable energy, including incentives for any carbon-free energy source. It enables everyone in the power supply chain to invest in power generation projects, including incentives to improve the energy efficiency of households and tax breaks for clean fuels.

Incentives are particularly generous for electric vehicle buyers: buyers can apply for a loan of up to $ 500 to $ 12,500 for a car assembled in the United States, with its workers unionized and up to $ 80,000.

The law is part of a $ 4 trillion plan.Biden Administration This includes $ 174 billion in investments in green energy and electric vehicles.

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