Sunday, July 21, 2024

Kristlin: “Zidane for Juventus? If Ronaldo arrives …”


A FIFA board member will attend the FIFA meeting today: “Salaries are a big problem. The Premier League? We’ll see what happens in the courts.”

“Today I participate in the Federal Council as an international member without the right to vote, the salaries of football players, a topic that has been discussed for a long time and not just for Covid, players’ salaries are a big problem. Everyone except the Germans have been put in bad condition” then to Anch’io Sports Radio Microphones Evelina Christlin , Member of the FIFA Board of Directors. “Certainly we need to cut costs – Kristlin adds – the players union, being a federation, does its job, but if no solution is found, it risks losing football.”


Then Kristlin faces the problem of the Premier League that sees Real Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona steadfast in their respective intentions: “Andrea Agnelli never heard from him again, except for a message of congratulations on my relationship with FIFA, the rest of my opinion.” I do not change my opinion. I am an expression of UEFA and I am convinced of what many have repeated. There is a sports system if someone outside the system in fact cannot participate in competitions. Legal and judicial bodies that will have to evaluate. We’ll see how they develop, I don’t know when. There is a lot of talk about the Champions League and the European League. As a Juventus player, I keep fingers crossed for what will happen in the courts. “


And just as a Juventus fan, Kristelin expresses herself this way about the future of the Juventus seat: “Zidane is on the bench at Juventus? I like it, it’s a dream but it costs a lot and it seems to me that they don’t do that.” We have all these intentions to leave Madrid. Ronaldo has arrived once, Zidane can have a second intention, and he never says. ”

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