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The intriguing premise of Sanremo and his courtship of Briatore

The intriguing premise of Sanremo and his courtship of Briatore

Barbara Durso At the Sanremo Festival. Gossip Weekly dropped the mindless bombshell Novella 2000Some of which were revealed in the last issue Exciting dramatic story On the future of the broadcaster, after bidding farewell to “Pomeregio 5”, Barbarella will be ready to return to television Next to AmadeusFinally achieving his dream of hosting the most popular and followed singing festival in Italy. And the scoops don’t end there. Because according to what was reported by Roberto Alesi’s weekly magazine D’Urso it will be from at the moment Acquaintance with a businessman Flavio Briatore. Let’s see all the details.

Barbara D’Urso is ready for Sanremo 2024

Barbara Durso He has now bid a bittersweet farewell to Mediaset. She was in London, where she had spent the last few months perfecting her English. Then she returned to her homeland to shine a play. And now, finally, everyone is anticipating his imminent return on television as well. but where? Perhaps the answer to the puzzle has been found Novella 2000which is being launched in its latest version Really sexy indiscretion.

The former presenter of the program “Pomeriggio 5” will actually be ready to fulfill one of her biggest dreams: Hosting the Sanremo Festival for the first time. Regarding this possibility, Durso previously expressed her opinion a few years ago. “I’d like to do Sanremo,” he had admitted TV smiles and songs“But I’m still young. At the moment, there’s Carlo Conte who’s doing a great job. If he gets tired, I’m ready and I’ll do it just like him, jumping at the right point.” Now maybe it’s time for Barbara The right moment. And all thanks to the intercession of his agent, Lucio Presta.

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“It (seems) that his agent Lucio Presta, like Amadeus, is moving in this direction.” Novella 2000“And He has already received any kind of permitincluding artistic director Amadeus, who has always loved and respected Barbara.” We will then see if these rumors will be confirmed by those involved directly in the coming weeks.

Courtship of Flavio Briatore

But these are not the only indiscretions launched by Roberto Alessi’s weekly. to Novella 2000actually, Barbara Durso will remain at the moment Hanging out with Flavio Briatore. The two were recently caught together at the exclusive ‘Casa Cipriani’ club in Milan. Above all, it will be the entrepreneur’s friends who will rejoice at this wonderful news. “Finally a woman of her level”Someone might say: “It’s appropriate, you know, you know, plus it’s beautiful, and that doesn’t hurt.”