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Video games relieve stress for 7 out of 10 people

Video games relieve stress for 7 out of 10 people

Results of a new study

  • A global study revealed that video games have personal and social benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety
  • In Italy, more than 70% of those interviewed claimed that video games stimulate the mind and 78% highlighted the ability of video games to connect different people.
  • Women and the 25-34 age group experience greater stress reduction through playing video games
  • Video games are seen as a valid ally to confront daily challenges and improve overall well-being, contributing to feelings of happiness
  • Video games also enhance skills and abilities such as creativity, cognitive skills, teamwork, language skills, and mental flexibility

Play is the greatest medicinePhilosopher Lao Tse wisely stated it, a concept that resonates powerfully in the global study called “The Power of Play.” Based on the responses of nearly 13,000 players from 12 countries around the world, including Italy, the United States, France, Japan and others, the study, conducted by the North American Association ESA in cooperation with international partners, revealed that Video games go beyond just entertainment. In fact, it becomes a socialization tool and a valid way to deal with stress and anxiety.

In Italy, more than a thousand gamers participated in the study, clearly highlighting the personal and social benefits of video games. For 70% of those interviewed, video games stimulate the mind, while 78% believe they connect different people, and 75% say they create experiences that are accessible to differently-abled individuals. But the advantages don’t stop there. In Italy, playing video games proves this Reduced stress (69%), anxiety (58%), and loneliness (45%). Specifically, women (54%) and the 25-34 age group (55%) experience a greater reduction in stress.

Video games enhance skills and competencies

Video games are seen as a good ally for dealing with everyday challenges (66%) Improve overall well-being– Contributing to feelings of happiness (48%). For 40% of those interviewed, video games have therapeutic functions, helping to overcome difficult moments. In addition to video games They enhance skills and competenciesImproving creativity (69%), developing cognitive skills (68%), facilitating teamwork (63%), refining language skills (63%), and stimulating mental flexibility (59%).

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Moving on to the reasons, 65% of Italians play video games for the sake of it Passing timeWhile 63% see entertainment as an excellent reason to do so. Six out of ten respondents believe there is a video game for everyone. 71% Positively evaluates the online gaming experienceYou often prefer to play in person when you decide to play with the company.


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