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Sophie Codegoni's wrath "Pagliaccia"

Sophie Codegoni’s wrath “Pagliaccia”

A photo of a user immortalized Alessandro Bacciano and Jessica Selassie together has angered Sophie Codegoni and it appears that the friendship between the former Big Brother Vip champs is now over.

on me Twitter unleashed there‘Anger’ From the former tronista of men and women and former champion Older brother Phoebe, Sophie Codegoni.

User posted a memorial sticker Alessandro Bacciano, Sophie’s friend Famous in Casa del Gf VIPAnd the Jessica Selassie With whom they shared the adventure on the reality show Mediaset.

The Twitter account in question might be a fan of SelassiePost a picture in it Jessica and Alessandro They looked at each other very tenderly. The image is accompanied by a hashtag Bagashioni (i.e. the name of the fan group related to the couple he formed Sophie and Alessandro) and some clown emojis.

The provocation was in no way ignored before codegony Who thundered on the post:

“My clown who really kisses or fools you who has to make a photo collage with Photoshop to imagine a moment that will never happen?”

very upset response to Sufi With someone who wanted to defend his relationship with him Alexander born in a house Big Brother VIP. also Jessica He was initially interested in bachianoJust to get a real like barrow.

Suspension codegony And many other social clues, indicate that, from that great friendship that was born with Jessica, There is nothing left now. Sophie and Jessica Looks like they really have created the strongest friendship in residence But something after the reality show pushed them away and it seems that there is no longer a glimmer of reconciliation.

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