Tuesday, July 23, 2024

The Europeans, the Isrnina phase of the Obama Foundation “resurrects” the minority


It took Obama, with all the political weight of the former US president’s name, to “shock” the center-right minority in the municipality of Isernia. In fact, the eleven of the minority began attacking the mayor and his deputy, accusing them of political exploitation of Sitember Isernino:
“The stage of the Obama Leader Europe Tour 2024, promoted by the Obama Foundation and scheduled to take place in our city on September 3, represents the clear will of the Castrataro administration to promote a political event within a cultural and entertainment program, both in nature and in nature. Since it is intended for the entire city, it should welcome events and initiatives without any political connotation.Never before has any administration failed to implement this principle by thinking of exploiting a city’s cultural program for political purposes, also in light of the important electoral appointment next year that will see our country called to vote in the European elections.We consider superficiality, which dictated by inexperience and assumptions, unacceptable, which this administration, and in particular the Vice-Mayor of Vinci, believe that they can obtain municipal power for mere political and personal patronage.In the last two years we have not yet recorded any operations by the Vice-Mayor on the powers entrusted to her, Silence, absence, utter immobility are the elements that mark her in the eyes of a city that seems to know no exception, from this very dangerous, decaying, self-referential cycle.
Furthermore, as is known, the administration also contributes economically to Settembre Isernino by allocating funds to the city’s Pro Loco which then handles payments and reporting.
We therefore ask the Mayor of the City Castrataro and the Cultural Counselor to immediately remove from the bulletin board in Isernino for the month of September this event intended to fuel the vainglory of some seemingly apolitical and non-administrative people.
Isernia Municipal Council Minority:
Linda Dall’Oglio
Giovancarmine Mancini
Enzo Dell’Uzzo
Raymond Fabrizio
Cesar Pietrangelo
Antonella Macicoli
Philomena Kalinda
Peter Paul DiPerna
Cosmo Germans
Dominic Chiacciari
Eugenio Knyanyiki

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