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Funeral of Toto Cutugno in Milan with his notes News

Funeral of Toto Cutugno in Milan with his notes News

This morning in Milan, a crowd of people gathered at the Basilica of Santi Nerio e Achilleo for a funeral Toto Cutugno. To welcome them, they find his music, namely the motifs of his songs played by the accordion but also balloons with the Italian flag, or the notes along the stairs and next to the blacksmith’s autograph books.

to know more Ansa agency Farewell to Toto Cutugno, the “real Italian” beloved in Italy and abroad He was 80 years old, and the singer had been ill for a long time

Upon the arrival of the coffin of the singer, who died in the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan after a long illness, spontaneous applause erupted from the many who could not enter the church and who also sang L’italiano.
“Go Toto!” someone shouted as the coffin, which had a pillow of white roses and a red rose on it, entered the church.
There are plenty of ordinary people among whom well-known faces like Mario Lavezzi are confused.

Greetings colleagues, from Morandi to Bobo. Flower Crown by Gigi D’Alessio

There are many people who have known him through his songs, but also many colleagues today at the funeral of Toto Cutugno, the singer who died last August 22 at the age of 80 after a long illness. The party that entered the big church crowded together. Even Gigi D’Alessio sent a wreath in his honor.

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