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"The day they all misunderstood" Krishanthi is now harassing Hope

“The day they all misunderstood” Krishanthi is now harassing Hope

Eventually he did too. Like many star virologist colleagues Andrea Chrysanthemum He became fascinated with literature. But a different book than his various viola, burioni, pacetti, kismondo and corporate singer. In the meantime, this is a question and answer guide. Who dreams of a kind of letter (failed) to the Italians. But above all it gives us harsh judgments about the Italian management of the virus. Krishanthi has some Cts, To directors Hope, For the minister, and for the government that does not listen to him. Then the regions, the politicians, the media. “Instead of protecting health workers, we left hospitals for several weeks (() without very basic safety equipment,” he says. “We sent the victims to the RSA. We did not arrange for testing and finding the chains.” A sentence that has been removing Conte and Speranza’s rhetoric for months about the “Italian model” of responding to infection.

Highlight day

The most interesting idea is on page 80. Michael asks Messa: Can we limit the damage? The microbiologist answered, “Yes.” The week “running from 22 to 29 February 2020” would have been enough to “do it on time”. Called “the right things” Count the biz Did not realize. These are the days of the Aperitifs in the Gingerbread Canal. The stumbling block of the opposition. “Do not stop Milan and Bergamo” in the appeals. These are the days when all political forces and the media “compete” to “reduce the gravity of the situation.” That same week – Chrysanthemum writes – on February 27, the Veneto region posted the results of the Wow population sample on its website: 88 victims or 3.1% of the affected population. It seemed like a small thing to everyone, but it was a big one. ” Understanding this would have made it possible to close both regions, which I declared unheard of in an interview the same day. Newspaper“However, that data was” ignored “.

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Lack of transparency

Whose fault is this? It is now well known that the then government was reluctant. This is evidenced by the postponed red areas. The soldiers were sent to Bergamo and left to rest at the hotel. But the overall lack of preparation for a system, as revealed by the minutes of the task force, prefers to invest energy in a “secret plan” rather than using an existing one. Not to mention the lack of transparency in the decaster. “Many results – he says Crescents – Taken or not taken without explaining to the Italians and without publicly sharing the reasons. We must not forget that the State Council needs a sentence to make the ‘secret’ minutes public Science and Technology Committee (Cts). There is no transparency in the DNA of our politicians and executives. ” Hope in the first place.

Asymptomatic confusion

There is a lot of confusion to consider. Do You Remember? Experts in optimism from January to February are skeptical about the role of those without symptoms. For example, on February 6, the ISS reported that “the virus does not spread before symptoms appear.” On February 12, Rukko only reported that “not informing them would be too serious.” And for some time their role is underestimated. “Asymptomatic people were initially neglected, so to speak, until the end of March. A black hole that many fell into, including “those of Chinese descent” believed that “there are no asymptomatic people, if they exist they will not spread.”

In the corner of Ricciardi

“We do not want to believe – Chrysanthemum continues – a large percentage of victims do not develop symptoms, but are capable of infecting them. For weeks and weeks no one wants to believe this.” When he did, the World Health Organization and the government put him on the Rome index, not the foretold signs. Deviated from the evidence. “He too had caused great confusion.

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Cts rejected

You will say: But according to Krishanthi, how is it possible that the whole pool of scientists is so wrong? “Our CDS – accuses the microbiologist in the book – is dominated by health and medical skills, not really focusing on epidemiology and microbiology. At the time, knowledge and experience from the fields of genetics and ecology were completely absent. : We relied on the wrong people. For the sake of paradise, Krishanthi has also made some mistakes in recent months.