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Tesla, nuovo maxi richiamo negli Stati Uniti

Tesla, New Maxi Call in the US – Electric

More than 130,000 Teslas ended up in the NHTSA view due to the overheating problem. Touch screen display malfunction In a central position dedicated to the infotainment system. Therefore, the Elon Musk-led car manufacturer was forced to recall hundreds of thousands of examples of all its models, from the Model S to the Model 3, passing through the Model Y and Model X. As announced by Tesla, the problem will be solved by one. Refreshing in the airTherefore, owners do not have to take their electrical equipment to a repair center.

According to a Reuters report, the CPU overheated the infotainment system, preventing the center screen from displaying. Images from reversing camera And other types of information. In all, Tesla has already received 59 warranties and received numerous reports related to this issue, but no accidents or injuries have been reported. This is not the first time an American company has dealt with camera problems: with 947 electric recall image display errors in the US last March, the same problem led to Tesla’s recall in December last year. 350,000 cars. Overall, Tesla has issued 11 recalls this yearThe same number that Stellandis ordered.

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