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Weekends, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th May; We’ll tell you what happens

Weather: Check for a risk on weekends, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th May; We tell you what can happen

Weekend Weather ForecastWe enter a phase of the year in which high pressure is equivalent to stability, but not everywhere: as often happens, in fact, with the advent of the first heat, the energy involved in the lower atmosphere also increases. Risk of more thunderstorms. That is what may happen in the future Weekend: Between Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th May, in a certainly sunny environment, we have to deal with some. Thunderstorm Especially highlighted by the latest update that came a few hours ago.

First, you need to create a prototype. In a nutshell, over the next few days and at least the entire weekend, a Front The biggest and hottest African resistance It can extend from North Africa to Central-Western Europe, touching the British Isles, guaranteeing the spread of sunlight to Italy and, above all, the first true heat with summer-like properties.

Of the day Saturday, May 14th So it will open in the name of consistency and temperature from the peak of summer: However, as the hours go by we run a risk: we are talking about the classics (from this time of year) “Heat storms” that occur even in the absence of organized disturbances. Their stimulus is combined with convection motions (i.e. hot and humid air that cools down), which affects the lower tropics during hot and humid periods, especially between noon and evening. In fact, strong daytime heating is defined as “hot air bubbles” Heat Technically) if they find the right conditions (cooler layers of the atmosphere at higher altitudes), they can give life to the pile cloud towers that create storms.
This is a basic point: As the temperature increases, the potential energy also increases and, above all, the thermal differences improve. Creates a deadly compound for growth Massive storm cellsEven up to a height of 10/15 km.

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What are the areas at risk? As is often the case in mountainous areas Alps and the Apennines They will be most affected by these types of events. But be careful, we do not rule out the possibility that some thunderstorms may encroach on neighboring countries with greater force. Northern Plain, Causing heavy rainfall with hail; For the exact location of confirmations and rainfall, it is obviously necessary to wait a few more days because these are difficult to predict accurately in advance.
There is another important point to note: Once triggered, Heat storms They do not have enough support to extend their activity over time They will soon run away without life (After a maximum of one or two hours), which is why we want to make it clear that storms in this type of environment will not “disappear” for a whole day.

Similar talk to Sunday, May 15th: Across the country completely dry and mostly after sun, from the first hour Afternoon The first signs of instability will probably be noticed starting in the Alps and the Apennines. These will be areas of increased risk Temporary, Marked slightly lower than Saturday. Elsewhere the sun and heat can reach temperatures of up to about 30 C, especially in the flat areas of the north and Tuscany.

There will be thundershowers during the day on Saturday, May 14thThere will be thundershowers during the day on Saturday, May 14th