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Use "criminals" and "terrorists".  What the "new petrocellulose" wrote

Use “criminals” and “terrorists”. What the “new petrocellulose” wrote

Relax Vitto Petrocelli From the position of Chairman of the Foreign Commission in the Senate, the 5 Star Movement has appointed a Senator to replace him. Gianluca Ferrara. Petrocelli, considered overly pro-Russian, fell after the Council’s opinion on regulation and an alternative was found to replace him, however, some clouds are gathering during these hours. After his name began to spread as the new person in charge of the Senate Foreign Relations Commission, old records published by the senator, especially those related to foreign policy, began to be shared in the chats of members of parliament. Opinions about the new potential president are not positive.

The agency Adnkronos was there to disclose the content of these posts so that it could compromise in selecting the senator from Campania. Truth be told, it should be emphasized that many of the posts come from a time when Gianluca Ferra was not yet a senator. For example, in a comment shared on Facebook in early 2017, Ferra wrote: “Father Bush, Bill Clinton and Bush’s son, with a photo depicting American presidents from Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama.”Take a good look at them. These are Criminals Passed for the noble fathers of Western democracies should be tried. How many people were killed? How much hatred and thirst for revenge have they diligently sown with the frantic desire to dominate the world?“. According to him, the presidents depicted in the film.”The worst terrorists the world has waged in the last 100 years“.

Gianluca Ferrara is also a very strong statement that has been forgotten, but you know, the internet is not forgotten and some posts are more or less proposed again at the appropriate time, depending on the point of view. A few months after that post against the US president, the senator wrote: “Last night a US warship fired 59 missiles at the sovereign nation of Syria. President Assad has been accused of using chemical weapons against his people without any real evidence. This is the usual excuse … hidden weapons of mass destruction (Saddam), killing their own people (Gaddafi) and then the ‘good cowboys’ who save the world and children.“In the same post, he also attacks the media, which according to him is used by the United States.”Elements Mass misinformation. But do not be fooled. These are difficult times, do not turn off conscience and truth“.

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There are other records as well, dating back to the time before he was asked to leave Italy Was born, But there are also releases a few years earlier. It was 2019 when Gianluca Ferrara went to Moscow as part of a mission organized by the Senate Foreign Commission on Russian soil. The parliamentary committee, of which Ferrara is a member, is chaired by Vito Petrocelli. On that occasion, Ferrara spoke directly to his followers by posting a video on social media. “Stop the sanctions against Russia that are damaging our small and medium enterprises“Adenkronos tried to approach the senator, but he did not want to make any statement.