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“Terrible McCarthy Deal, It Will Stop”

“Terrible McCarthy Deal, It Will Stop”

“The speaker has made a terrible deal, and he’s willing to do things that I know are against the constitutional process to keep his job.” as Joe Biden accuses Republican Kevin McCarthy of bowing to threats from “maca Republicans,” far-right representatives loyal to Donald Trump, that led to a government shutdown. It will inevitably start at midnight tonight.

“There’s a group of senior Republicans who want a fundamental change in the way the system works, and that’s about me,” the president said in the ProPublica interview, which will air in its entirety tomorrow.

What is a shutdown?

It’s one of America’s president’s worst nightmares: Before October 1, Congress fails to approve spending laws that contribute to the national budget, and all activities that are part of the federal government come to a halt. The word means shutdown, shutdown, closure. Usually the ban on approval within the time limit is waived by Congress, which is our American equivalent of temporary exercise.

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