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Superquark with Piero Angela - RAI Press Office

Superquark with Piero Angela – RAI Press Office

Freshwater habitats occupy only a small portion of the Earth’s surface, but are vital to the millions of creatures that come together to find a mate. And success depends on the perfect timing associated with the arrival of rain or melting snow. In these habitats – with a BBC documentary – the journey into the game of seduction continues by “Superquark”, which airs on Wednesday 27 July at 21.25 on Ray 1, with Piero Angela. The target is also the gentle bank of the Emilia-Romagna region, connected to the large burn center of the Emilia-Romagna region. Bufalini” in Cesena, one of the five Italian skin tissue banks approved by the National Center for Agriculture. Instead, Alberto Angela, this week, will be among the icebergs in Greenland. You will sail in the midst of these floating giants, between fantastic scenarios.
In the report by Barbara Bernardini and Marco Vesalberge comes the Tree Talker, a pioneering research system that aims to connect with trees and forests around the world and collect vital data on their well-being. A type of continuous screening, which through sensors applied directly to trees, is able to collect information regarding the environment, humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide uptake, oxygen release, and tree health. The idea came from the mind of Nobel Prize winner Riccardo Valentini, an engineer from the University of Tocia who specializes in big data analysis and climate change. Giovanni Carrada and Rossella Li Vigni take care of the first count of 3,300 Italian wolves by interviewing experts. And again, 53 years after the first man landed on the moon, the projects of space agencies and the extraordinary role of Italy in the future lunar project appeared.
Many guests of Piero Angela in the studio of the columns. For “Scienza in cucina,” Dr. Elisabetta Bernardi along with Daniela Franco research the best alternatives to milk and meat. In Behind the Scenes of History Professor Alessandro Barbero talks about the coronation of Napoleon. In “Buffalo Psychology” Massimo Polidoro explains how the “mud machine” works. In The Experiment, physicist Paco Lanciano tells what the moons are.
Piero Angela will also be in the late evening with ‘Superquark Natura’: the central theme of ‘The Most Harshest Environments’ which will be analyzed in the fourth episode of the BBC series ‘Perfect Planet’.

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